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Military Orders

Sharon Intensifies Colonization Activities in the West Bank
“New Military orders for constructing the Segregation Wall around Ma’ale Adumim settlement Bloc”

  Introduction The Ma'ale Adumim settlement bloc is the largest settlement bloc established in the Occupied Palestinian Territory with a population of around 33,000 settlers and occupies more than 22,000


The Devastation of Bethlehem- Gallery 4

Al Khader Village             Prepared by: The Applied Research Institute – Jerusalem


Increasing Attacks in Jerusalem in October 2011

  October, 2011, has witnessed radical escalations and a brutal assault against Palestinians and their properties all around the West Bank especially the Occupied City of Jerusalem.It is believed that


The Israeli Occupation Army torches tens of fields in Bil’in – Ramallah governorate

  Violation: setting tens of dunums alight. Location: south Bil'in. Date: June 22, 2011. Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Army. Victims: farmers of Bil'in. Details: Bil'in is considered one of the

Settlers Attacks

Aggressions on Palestinians, their Properties and their Lands in Einabus village

  Violation: Yizhar Colonists abuse Palestinians’ properties. Date: December 6, 2009. Victims: Nader 'Allan and 'Aqel Barakat. Violators: Yizhar colony colonists.   Details: At 2:00 AM of December 6, 2009,

Settlement Expansion

The Establishment of Two Residential Units on Palestinian Land To the west of Fuqeiqis village

    Violation:  Construction of two residential blocks on Palestinian land Date: October, 2009 Location:  To the west of Fuqeiqis – west of Dura/ Hebron. Violators: Negohot settlers. Victims: Alsweti


The Israeli occupation sends stop-work orders for three structures in Hebron

      Violation: Orders to stop construction in 3 structures Date: 02/09/2013 Location: Ma’la- Adh Dhahiriya town- Hebron governorate Perpetrators: The Civil Administration of the Israeli occupation Victims: Two


Destroying the livelihoods of Al-Khader Villagers

  Al-Khader village is a small Palestinian village lying at the  outskirts of Bethlehem. It is famous for its archaeological sites (most notably  the church of Saint George) and its


Approaching the Millenium, a New Israeli Military Checkpoint (Erez 2) at the Northern Entrance of Bethlehem City

  Bethlehem is historically an area of religious importance, especially to the Christian  faith. It is most famously known as the birthplace of Jesus Christ. The rich history  has attracted


Intermediary Report for the Monitoring Israeli Colonization Activities Project

    This report highlights the events concerning colonizing activities  in the West Bank and Gaza that occurred between the months of September and November.  The report describes and evaluates

Settlement Expansion

Military Camp Turned to a settlement in Nablus

  The military camp located on Al Tilmah hilltop is being transferred to become a settlement called Rahaliem. The hilltop is part of the Palestinian village EsSawiya located 20 kilometers south

Settlement Expansion

The Expansion of Eilie Settlement in Nablus

  The colony of Eillie was established in 1984 on the expense of lands owned by Palestinians from the village of Qariot, located 27 kilometers south of the city of

Settlement Expansion

The Expansion of Shevut Rahel settlement in Nablus

    The village of Jalud is located 27 kilometers south of the city of Nablus on the Eastern ridges overlooking the Jordan Valley. The population of this Palestinian village


House Demolishing in Beit Hanina – Jerusalem

  Israeli occupation forces have demolished a Palestinian house on the 25th of October 1999. The house was located in Houd Al Tabel parcel 4 in Beit Hanina. The total


The Demolishing of Four Houses in Bab Hatta

        crowded Arab neighborhood in the Old City.     In 1986 the Sewer Department of Jerusalem Municipality carried out a series of diggings in the neighborhood.

New Israeli Settlements

Initial Construction in the Palestinian Ras El Amoud neighbourhood

  Ras El-Amoud neighborhood is located in East Jerusalem's basin number 7 and parcel number 119 according to Jordanian classification and basin number 29989 and parcel number 96 according to

Settlement Expansion

The expansion of Emanuel settlement in Nablus

  The settlement of Emanuel was established in 1981 on lands carved out of the villages of Deir Istiya and Jinsafut in the Nablus district. The settlement is located southeast

Settlement Expansion

Expansion of Karni Shamron settlement in Tulkarm

    A piece of land owned by Mr. Abdullah Bashir is being the target of colonizing activity after the colonizer Moshe Zer obtained a court order to take hold

Military Orders

Israeli Military Orders in the Wake of Sharm El-Sheikh Memorandum

  On the 15th of May 1999, 16 Israeli military orders  were approved by the Israeli military command sealing off large areas of land  in the West Bank as closed


The Continuous Israeli Harassment to Kh. Beit Skariya Village

    Kh. Beit Skariya, a Palestinian village of about 100 inhabitants,  is located southwest of Bethlehem city. The village is surrounded by the Etzion  Block or Gush Etzion in

Settlement Expansion

Expanding the settlement of Susya

    Situated south of the Palestinian  village of Yatta and east  of Es Samu', the colony of Susya is one of several colonies lying in the southern  edge of

Settlement Expansion

The Encirclement Of Nahalin Village

    The Palestinian village of Nahalin  is 20 kilometers southwest  of Bethlehem city {Figure 1}, with a population of 5,000. The original area  of the village was 12,000 dunums,

Bypass Roads

Sacrilege in the Bethlehem District Villages of Artas and El Walajeh

    The State of Israel reached a new low recently through a series of demolitions of Palestinian holy sites. These acts of sacrilege occurred in the Bethlehem District, an


Ongoing Violation of the Wye Agreement

        El Walajeh, a Palestinian village located 10 kilometers southeast of Jerusalem is surrounded by the Jewish colonies of Gilo and Har Gilo (Figure 1).    Figure

Israeli Plans

Reactivating E-1 Plan of Maale Adumim Settlement

    Maale Adumim, located east of the extended boundaries of East Jerusalem, is one of the largest colonies in the West Bank (Figure 1). Maale Adumim was established in