Colonists of Migron Set a Car Ablaze in Al Jalazon refugee camp

Colonists of Migron Set a Car Ablaze in Al Jalazon refugee camp




Violation: setting a car ablaze and writing offensive slogans.

Location: Al Jalazon refugee camp – Ramallah.

Date: August 29, 2012.

Perpetrators: colonists of Migron.




Migron is the largest colonial outpost in the West Bank, the colony is illegal even according to the Israeli racist and unjust laws. The Israeli Court have ordered the eviction of the outpost on August 28, 2012 but the order was postponed after an appeal has been made by the colonists.





Despite that, the colonists are still using the outpost as a starting point for a number of aggressions against the Palestinians; it seems that they are sending a message to the Palestinians saying that the attacks will never stop. On August 28, 2012, colonists of Migron raided Al Jalazon refugee camp and set a car ablaze. They also wrote a number of racist and offensive slogans at the camp entrance.


Nour ad Din soboh, the owner of the car, said to an LRC observer: ‘I was awakened by the sounding alarm and I saw the front of the car on fire. The car is a 2008 HyundaiI30. I ran outside and put the fire down but the front of the car was completely burned and the car had become nothing but scraps. Gasoline was sprayed on two other cars but it seems that the colonists had no time to set them alight because they had to flee. They were content by writing Migron and Death to Arabs on one of the cars.


Meanwhile, the colonists wrote ‘Migron’, ‘Death to Arabs’, ‘Death to our enemies’, and ‘payback’ on the camp entrance.  It is worthy to mention that colonists launched a number of attacks against the Palestinians under the name ‘payback’ or ‘price tag’. The group’s attacks were launched against mosques and various other Palestinian properties. All of the group’s attacks are took place under the protection of the Israeli Police or Army who conspire with the colonists to deal most damage.




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