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Separation Plans

Israeli Occupation Implements Separation and Military Siege on the Palestinian Territories

The Israeli policy of applying separation and military blockade on the Palestinian Territories is a not a new concept. That is despite the fact that it appears as the Israeli

Separation Plans

Israeli Occupation Forces Imposes the Separation Plan on Jenin

This report is the second in a series of reports that details the separation plan that Israeli forces has been quietly implementing ever since the start of the Uprising on


Blockading Jerusalem and Ramallah

The districts of Jerusalem and Ramallah lie in the center of the West Bank. These two districts house about one third of the West Bank's population and play a central


Recent Israeli Plan for Cantonizing the Palestinian Territories

    Following the events of the past weeks, a total blockade and internal siege has been re-imposed on the West Bank. The siege means that residents from Area A


Relocating Checkpoints in the West Bank

    Twenty kilometers west of Jerusalem lies the No Man's land, which is a 50-km2 area that separated Israel from the West Bank before the 1967 war. On the


Approaching the Millenium, a New Israeli Military Checkpoint (Erez 2) at the Northern Entrance of Bethlehem City

  Bethlehem is historically an area of religious importance, especially to the Christian  faith. It is most famously known as the birthplace of Jesus Christ. The rich history  has attracted