About LRC

 Land Research Center (LRC)

LRC was established in 1986 as a branch of the Arab Studies Society headed by Mr. Faisal Alhusaini . It is an independent , nongovernmental, non- profit Palestinian organization whose activities cover areas of the West Bank (including Jerusalem ) and Gaza Strip . The center is funded by donations and contributions given by individuals or organizations and joint projects with international and local cooperative organizations and institutions .

The main objective of LRC is to protect and promote the use of Palestinians land in addition to developing the Palestinian agriculture and expertise through conducting researches and studies as well as producing publications on the issues of land and agriculture, maintaining full linkage in shape and content between Arab Jerusalem and the remaining parts of the occupied Palestinian territories, taking into consideration that Jerusalem an integral part of the West Bank , and working for the restoration of collective popular action with the aim of preserving land an agriculture, with the emphasis on the prominent role of women in these areas.

The general activities of LRC in the last decade are represented in monitoring and studying the issues of land confiscation , the colonizing Israeli activities such as building settlements , by- pass roads ,declaring large areas as nature reserves ….etc; monitoring Israeli violations affecting Palestinian agriculture such as tree uprooting, land devastation , crop destruction , burning of trees and usage of toxic substances, issuing statistical- based information and studies on allviolations mentioned above, offering services to Palestinian farmers affected by Israeli mentioned above, offering services to income and improve their living standards, focusing on women ‘s role in protecting and taking care of the land their distinguished activities in administering domestic agriculture projects and food manufacturing , conducting researches on the improvement of local livestock genetics and botanical genealogy, supervising advanced training courses for technicians in various agricultural working on the production of soil maps , land system and land cover maps for the West Bank and Gaza Strip.



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