Ravaging Vast Areas of Lands in Wad Abdul Rahman east Salfit

Ravaging Vast Areas of Lands in Wad Abdul Rahman east Salfit


  • Violation: Colonial expansion.
  • Location: Wad ‘Abdul Rahman \ Salfit governorate.
  • Date: January 1st 2021.
  • Perpetrators: Colonists of Ariel colony.
  • Affected people : Farmers and people of salfit.


At the beginning of this year , the Israeli occupation forces carried on ravaging vast areas of lands registered as governmental properties , the ravages took place in Wad Abdul Rahman behind the Annexation and Expansion Wall built in Salfit.

Reportedly, the ravages targeted 160 dunums , where the occupation is building a developed infrastructure, and opening a colonial road (about 1.5) km , and establishing advanced electricity and water networks , in order to establish a new neighborhood as part of Ariel colony , the neighborhood will create connection between the southern and northern parts of the colony , and give space for more colonists.

Salfit municipality head Abdul Kareem Fatash told LRC:

Since 2002 , there is an Israeli scheme to annex lands behind the Annexation and Expansion wall in Salfit area , and in fall 2019 we were shocked of massive machineries leveling vast areas of postures isolated in Wad Abdulrahman area that belong to Bani Nimrah, Madi, Shaheen , and Murabta families, few months later the scheme became more clear as establishing a residential area and infrastructure on vast areas of lands , this project imposes a threat on 1900 dunums isolated behind the annexation and expansion wall.

Ariel colony is one of the largest illegal Israeli colonies in the West Bank, it devours thousands of dunums from the Palestinian villages of Haris , Kafl Haris, Salfit , Iskaka.

Photos 1-3: Ravages in Wad Abdul Ruhman nearby Ariel colony

About Salfit:[1]

28 km south Nablus and 34 km north Ramallah, Salfit has a total area of 26123 dunums, of which 1700 dunums are the city’s built up area, while there are 16202 dunums of agricultural lands.

The segregation wall isolated 1920 dunums of the town’s lands.

According to the newest census conducted in 2017, Salfit has a population of 10350 people.

Families of Salfit: BaniNamra, Eshtayeh, Dahdoul, Shahin ,Madi, Aram, Salim, Zbaidiya, Yasin, Hassan, Yunis , Odeh , Jebril, Maraita, Ismael , Fatoni, Uzriel, Al-Qaisi. There are families of refugees, and they are Abid, Al- Hmidat, Abu Shameh, Al-Rumhi, Al-Sayed, Al-She’ar, Abu Zayid, Al-Dhaher, Mhaboba, Al-Daqeq, Hadad , Al-Zurba, Awad.

Oslo conventions classified the area into:

  • A area: 11941dunums.
  • B area: 3337dunums.
  • C area: 10845dunums.



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