Expanding a colonial outpost and Uprooting Trees

Expanding a colonial outpost and Uprooting Trees


Expanding a colonial outpost:


Violation: placing new caravabs for the expansion of the colonial outpost in Ein qissis.

Location: Ein Qissis in al Khader – Bethlehem.

Perpetrators: colonists residing in the colonial outpost of Ein Qissis which follows Neve Daniel Colony.

Victims: villagers of al Khader.




In January, 2013, colonists of Neve Daniel placed a number of caravans with the purpose of expanding the colonial outpost near Neve Daniel.


Ahmad Salah of the Wall Resistance Committee stated: ‘Ein Qissis and Wad Gwet in al Khader have been targeted for a long time; the Israelis confiscated huge areas to establish a military outpost here before handing it to the colonists. Recently, 4 caravans have been added and a total of 35 caravans exist in the outpost.


The colonists are expanding n Palestinian lands, especially hilly areas and the locals fear that more lands are to be devoured by colonization.




Picture 1: the colonial outpost



Picture 2: added caravans


Uprooting 20 trees:


Violation: colonists uproot 20 olive trees.

Location: Ein Qissis in al Khader.

Date: January 19, 2013.

Perpetrators: colonists of Sadia Boaz.

Victim: Mahmoud Ghneim.




On January 19, 2013, colonists of Sadya Boaz uprooted 20 olive trees from the lands of Mahmoud Ghneim which is 7 dunums in area and edges the colony. The seedlings were planted recently.



Picture 3: Sadya Boaz colony




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