The Israeli Occupation Targets the Archeological site of Um Saman in Kafr Ad Deik

The Israeli Occupation Targets the Archeological site of Um Saman in Kafr Ad Deik
Violation: expanding Eli Zihav colony on the expense of Um Saman historical site.
Date: February 8, 2011.
Perpetrators: Bedoel colonists.

Targeting historical sites is a crucial part of the Israeli total war against the Palestinians; it is done in an attempt to erase the Palestinian heritage and identity. The Israelis believe that they are victor on ground and want to erase the Palestinian history; making them undisputed owners of the land!
The Israelis attacks violate all the international agreements protecting archeological and historical sites especially La Hay agreement of 1954. The Israelis aggressions against the Palestinian history took different forms from modifying them to stealing them; they even went further by claiming that they are Jewish heritage sites.
Um Saman, located near Kafr Ad Deik town, northern West Bank, is a Roman historical site. According to Salfit Governorate, the site is, in fact, is built over the ruins of a Roman city. However, the site is located in area classified ‘C’ according to Oslo agreement which resulted in making it relatively unreachable; in addition, the closeness to the site to Eli Zahav colony made reaching it even harder. This allowed the Israelis to look for the ruins themselves and steal whatever artifacts they had found there and move them to the nearby colonies.The sole purpose of the Israeli actions is using parts of the ruins to construct house in the colony in an attempt to fool the world by showing them that such colonies have historical roots; thus proving them legal.
Um Saman, just like 22,000 other historical sites spread around Historical Palestine are facing extinction thanks to the Israeli destructive policy. Most of these sites are under Israeli control, locating them in areas classified ‘C’ according to Oslo Agreement and rendering them under full Israeli control. On the other hands, many sites faced destruction after being bombarded by the Israeli Army in Hebron, Bethlehem, and Nablus Old Cities.
Expansions in Eli Zahav and Bedoel colonies:
On the other hand, Israeli dozers have been carrying out large scale bulldozing works throughout Kafr Ad Deik for the sole purpose of expanding Eli Zahav and Bedoel. It must be noted that the current expansions are considered to be the largest in the colonies history. Tens of dunums have been leveled during the past three months.
Picture 1-2: Israeli dozers plowing Palestinian landsKafr Ad Deik

Picture 3: Israeli dozers plowing Palestinian lands for the expansion of Eli Zahav
Kafr Ad Deik is facing a brutal confiscation campaign; four Israeli colonies are consuming the Palestinian lands in the town.
The following colonies reside over Kafr Ad Deik :
  • Bedoel: it was established in 1984; its built-up area has reached 537 dunums in 2010, out of these, 418 were confiscated from Kafr Ad Deik . The colony is inhabited by 1088 Israelis.
  • Bedoel Industrial zone: it was established in 1991; its built-up area has reached 264 dunums in 2010, all of it is Kafr ad Dik lands.
  • Eli Zahav: it was established in 1982; its built-up area has reached 290 built over lands confiscated from Kafr ad Dik. The colony is inhabited by 424 Israeli colonists.
  • Bruchen: it was established in 1999; its built-up area has reached 265.5 dunums in 2010, out of these, 20 were confiscated from Kafr ad Dik. The colony is inhabited by 992 Israelis.


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