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An Overview of the Geopolitical Situation in the Palestinian Areas

  Introduction The Palestinian issue is central to the decades-old Arab – Israeli conflict. The Madrid conference offered a historic opportunity for arriving at a just and lasting peace in

Settlement Expansion

Israeli settlement Activity in Yanoon Al Foqa Village, Nablus

  Location: The village of Yanoon Al Foqa is located 17 kilometers to the east of the city of Nablus. The area of this village is about 16,500 dunums and

Settlement Expansion

Israeli Colonial Activity in Al Sawiyah Village, Nablus

    Location: The village of Al Sawiyah is located 22 kilometers to the south of the city of Nablus. The village is inhabited by 4000 Palestinian most of whom


They Cut Trees, Don’t They? An Assessment of the Israeli Practices on the Palestinian Agricultural Sector

      Restrictive measures by the Israeli occupation authority against the Palestinian economy and especially during the period 29/9/2000 – 28/2/2001 created numerous obstacles, which have further complicated and aggravated


The Heavy Bombardment of Bethlehem City

    Since the beginning of Al-Aqsa Intifada (28th of September 2000), Israel has escalated military actions against Palestinian civilians in different areas of Palestine. Israel has commenced a policy

Settlement Expansion

The Myth of Natural Growth, Who Are They Fooling?

    The recent declaration of the Israeli Housing Ministry that it plans to construct 5,000 housing units in Jewish settlements in the West Bank in 2001 drew a lot


Israeli Strategies Behind the recent Campaign of Land Confiscation and Property Destruction in the Gaza Strip

    Located on the Mediterranean Sea bordering Egypt and Israel, the Gaza Strip is home to about 1,087,000 Palestinians. The total area of the Strip is 363,800 dunums (363.8


The Demolishing of Palestinian Wells in the Gaza Strip

    The Gaza Strip has long suffered from the scarcity of natural resource especially water and land. The residents of the Strip depend on rain and the water aquifer


The Destruction of the Road between Ramallah and Birzeit

  During the night of March 7, the eve of Ariel Sharon's swearing in at the Knesset, the Israeli Military Forces destroyed the main and only remaining road between Ramallah


The Tightening of the Siege on Jericho: Israel Employs a New Policy of Trench Digging

    The city of Jericho lies in the Jordan Valley, 10 km northwest of the Dead Sea and 7 km to the west of the Jordan River; see map.

Settlement Expansion

Renewal of Colonial Activity in Ya’abad – Jenin … The First Colonial Site Since the Inauguration of Ariel Sharon

  Ariel Sharon's pledge no to renew andor encourage colonial activity on the Palestinian occupied lands was just a media fa'ade under which he hid his true colonial intentions. As

Settlers Attacks

The Difficulties for Umm Safa Village during the Intifada

Umm Safa is a Palestinian village located 9 km northwest of Ramllah city, between Birzeit and Bani Zied; see photo. The village is also known as Kafr Ishwa'. There are


Decline in the Standard of Living in the Gaza Strip: Selected Socio-economic Indicators

    The Gaza Strip is a narrow piece of land located on the Mediterranean Sea to the southwest of Israel on the border with Egypt; see map. The Strip


Mines and Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) in the West Bank

    Minefields in the West Bank In 1998, the US State department estimated that there were around 260,000 landmines in Israel and the occupied territories, these include landmines laid

Israeli Violations

Al Mawasi Region in Gaza … The Reality of the Israeli War Against Land and Humans

  Prelude: The name ''Al Mawasi'' refers to the agriculturally fertile strip of land laying parallel to the Mediterranean Sea in Gaza. The 16-kilometer-long strip starts in the city of


Isolation Policy Implemented By Israeli Army in the Occupied Territories … The Case of Ramallah and Al Bireh Districts

  The Land Research Center (LRC) has been exposing the attempts carried out by the forces of Israeli occupation to mince the Palestinian territories into a number of isolated and


The Fourth Intermediary Report for the Monitoring Israeli Colonizing Activities

    This report highlights the events concerning colonizing activities in the West Bank and Gaza that occurred between the months of November and January. The report describes and evaluates


The So-called “Lifting of the Siege”

    On 12th March 2001, less than a week into the new government, Prime Minister Sharon seemed to be feeling the weight of public pressure following the international attention

Settlement Expansion

Settlement Expansion in Al Shufa Village, Tulkarem

    The village of Al Shufa is located 5 kilometers to the south of the city of Tulkarem. Its population is about 2500 Palestinians mostly working in agriculture. The


Losses in the Agricultural Sector in Qalqiliya District

  The district of Qalqiliya lies in the northwest part of the West Bank, bordered in the west by the 1948 Armistice Line with Israel; see map1 . Most of the

Settlement Expansion

Betar Illit settlement Expansion and The Fate of Wadi Fukin Village

  In the far western part of Bethlehem district there are three Palestinian villages, Husan, Wadi Fukin and Nahhalin. In between these three villages two ''Betar Settlements'' have been built,


The FIRST Comprehensive Report

    Introduction The data that appears in the monthly, quarterly and comprehensive reports is collected from Palestinian and Israeli newspapers, satellite images, aerial photos, fieldworkers' reports, ARIJ and LRC


The Struggles of a Palestinian Community due to the West Bank Closure

  'Atara is a Palestinian village in Ramallah District located only three kilometers south of Birzeit which is north of Ramallah; see map. The village stands on the second highest

Settlement Expansion

The Changing Landscape of Hebron District

    Driving from Hebron towards the West Bank's southern border, one notices many changes being made by the Israeli army and Jewish settlers alike. The bulldozing of land, which


The Agriculture Sector in Gaza Strip Faces the Fiercest Israeli Attacks During the Intifada

  Introduction: Since the inception of Intifadat Al Aqsa on the 29th of September 2000, the agriculture sector in the Gaza Strip has suffered a great number of attacks and