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Right to Freedom of Religion?
Israel Persecute Palestinians from Performing their Prayers

Introduction Freedom to practice religion has always been an issue with the Palestinian under Israeli occupation. Procedures adopted by the Israeli Army have hindered Palestinians’ right to practice their prayer

Israeli Violations

The Israeli colonization activities in Beit Ijza Village.

Beit Ijza is a Palestinian village located 10 km northwest of occupied East Jerusalem. The village has an area of 2526 dunums and houses a total population of 671 inhabitants


Nablus Governorate and the nightmare of the Israeli checkpoints

''Everyone lawfully within the territory of a State shall, within that territory, have the right to liberty of movement and freedom to choose his residence.' The International Covenant on Civil


Wadi Qana polluted by Israeli settlements

( Photo 1: in the background is the settlement of Emmanuel, in the foreground is the swage water canal coming from the settlement)   Wadi Qana is located in the north


Wadi Qana polluted by Israeli settlements

( Photo 1: in the background is the settlement of Emmanuel, in the foreground is the swage water canal coming from the settlement))   Wadi Qana is located in the north

Settlement Expansion

Matan colonial outpost provided with Electricity and Water Lines

Israeli settlers from Matan colonial outpost started to bulldoze Palestinian land in Wadi Al Qari' site, basin number 7 of Kafr Thuluth village land, Qaqiliay governorate for the purpose of

Military Orders

More of Az Zawiya village lands confiscated for the construction of a security road

The Israeli occupation army in the West Bank issued last month military decree number T/79/06 stating the confiscation of 72 dunums and 200 square meters from the lands of az

Military Orders

New Land confiscation Order in Deir Istiya Village – Salfit Governorate

As a result of the ongoing colonial program against the lands of Deir Istiay village,  Salfit governorate, about 20% of the village's total land area has been confiscated for the benefit

Settlement Expansion

More Housing Units : New Tenders in Israeli West Bank Settlements

Even-though the consecutive Israeli governments were well aware that settlements establishment and expansion stands as a greave breach and violation of international law and the agreements signed with their Palestinian


Israeli Occupation devours the Lands of Jerusalem under the pretext of establishing the Wall and Entry Terminals

The Israeli hunger for Palestinian lands has no limits. It is rarely that a day passes with the occupation carrying out a confiscation here or there directly or indirectly. Land

Bypass Roads

The construction of a new Israeli Road east of Al Walajeh Village

Al Walajeh village lies about 9 kilometers to the southwest of Jerusalem city with a total of 1695 inhabitants (PCBS 2006). Before 1948 War, the village spread over 17774 dunums

Separation Plans

New Stage for completing the Segregation wall around ‘Azzun ‘Atma village in Qalqilyia

'Azzun 'Atma : location and Population   The village of 'Azzun 'Atma (population 1791-PCBS 2005) is located about (2.75 km) east of the Green Line and about (8.40Km) from Qalqilia's


The Strangulation of the Gaza Strip

The Gaza strip is once again facing a prolonged period of closure, which is crippling the economy, and contributing to the unbearable day-to-day living conditions within the strip. On Wednesday

Military Orders

Vast areas of Palestinian lands will be confiscated for the construction Segregation Wall

On September 4, 2006, the Israeli Forces tossed in the fields of Al Khader and Artas villages a new military order # (77/06/T) stating the confiscation of large areas of

Settlers Attacks

A new colonial road opened by Tene settlers

Photo 1: Adhahiriay, Hebron: Part of the road opened near Tel ar Rahwa) Photo courtesy of Adhahiriay municipality   Israeli extremist settlers from Tina settlement south of Adhahriya town, Hebron

Military Orders

Israel declares the construction of a New Terminal in Bethlehem Governorate

On the 5th of September 2006, the Israeli Army handed out residents from Bethlehem and Hebron Governorates new military order informing them that parts of their lands will be confiscated


The House Demolition Campaign in Jabal Al Mukabbir – Jerusalem Governorate

  Photo 1: Jabal Al Mukaber- Jerusalem: Israeli bulldozers knocking down the Zahaika family's houses) Photo courtesy of Al- Quds newspaper       Jerusalem Governorate Bulldozers of the Israeli municipality


House demolition cases and testimonies from Jerusalem

Photo 1: Bab Al Hawa- Beit Hanina: the wreckage of the 3 two-storey buildings of Abu 'Arafa family     The municipality of occupied Jerusalem is continuing its policy of


Israeli settlements transform Wadi Beit Amin into a highly polluted area

Photo 1: Wadi Beit Amin, Qalqiliya: Palestinian agricultural land flooded with swage water from Israeli settlements   Waste and swage water pouring from Israeli settlements has transformed Wadi Beit Amin, Qalqiliya


Closure of an agricultural Wall gate threatens the olive-picking season in Far’un village

Photo1: Far'un, Tulkarem: an olive orchard field is threatened by the closure of gate number 708 seen in the forefront of the picture)     The Israeli occupation forces informed the


Olive Harvest Season in Palestine: less land to harvest, less olive to pluck

Overview: The Olive tree, signify history, tradition and a long relation between the farmer and the land, other than that, it is portrayed as a mark of peace, prosperity and


Israel and the Methodic House Destruction Policy in the West Bank and Gaza Strip

Introduction:- During the course of the Al-Aqsa Intifada, which erupted back in September 2000, Israel adopted unprecedented house destruction policy of Palestinian houses in the Occupied Territory, which resulted is

Military Orders

Jannata Municipality is Targeted Again by a New Israeli Military Orders

Background Jannata municipality is an assembly of Palestinian villages/ communities, located south of Bethlehem city, in the southern part of the West Bank.  It is bordered with Hindaza and Bethlehem


Israel announces the construction of a new Terminal on Hizma Village Lands

Residents Hizma village recently discovered that the checkpoint that separates them from Jerusalem would is to be transformed into a full 'terminal', something which the Israeli government says makes Palestinian


Teqou Residents feels the Cold Hard Iron of the Israeli Bulldozers

Some 12 Km southeast of Bethlehem city, lays Teqou village (population; 6,669 (PCBS-2005), became a target of the Israeli colonization activities within the first decade of the Israeli occupation of