The Occupation Forces Serve Demolition Notices in Battir town / Bethlehem Governorate

The Occupation Forces Serve Demolition Notices in Battir town / Bethlehem Governorate


  • Violation: Demolition notices target an Agricultural structures.
  • Location: Al-Khammar / Khallet Abu Harith – Battir town / Bethlehem Governorate.
  • Date: 16 March – 6 June / 2021.
  • Perpetrators: The Israeli Occupation Civil Administration.
  • Victims: Hussam Abu Hadwan , Ghassan ‘Uwaineh.


Tuesday, March 16th 2021, The Israeli Occupation served halt of work notices to citizen Ghassan ‘Uwaineh from Khallet Abu Harith in Battir town, on the pretext of building without a license.

Affected Citizen Ghassan ‘Uwaineh told LRC:

“I don’t need a permission from the occupation to work in my land, I rehabilitated my farm and I am not afraid of anyone, I have legal papers that prove I own the land.”

Noteworthy, ‘Uwaineh paid more than 12,000 shekels (3700 $) to rehabilitate his plot, and the occupation bans any rehabilitation works in Khallet Abu Harith area, in order to facilitate implementation of the greater Jerusalem plan. Reportedly, the road that the occupation will open to serve the plan will devour this agricultural land.

The owner received a preceding notice in May 4th 2018, that ordered the immediate stoppage of construction works and returning the plot o its previous status within 7 days.

This is not a rare case; The Israeli Occupation heavily targets Battir town with notices. In Sunday, June 6th 2021, the Israeli Occupation served a halt of work notice to citizen Hussam Abu Hadwn in Battir town, on the pretext of building without a license – A Baton floor (70 m2).

 Citizen Hussam received an eviction notice for his agricultural land in Al-Khammar area in March 19th 2019, and the owner carried out with the necessary legal procedures.

Eng.Lara Smara from Battir municipality told LRC the following:

“Abu Hadwan was constructing an agricultural room and water harvesting cistern that he needs in his agricultural work, but he received notices, the occupation is however imposing restrictions on citizens to force them to leave their lands for future colonial expansion.”

Noteworthy, the owner previously received a notice in May 4th 2017, and the subcommittee decided to impose the immediate stoppage on construction works, within 30 days from the notice date.

The following table shows more information about the targeted structures:


Family members


Building type

Notice number

Ghassan ‘Uwaineh



Retaining walls, and barbed wires fences


Hussam Abu Hadwan



Under construction house with a baton floor and a cistern



About Battir :

The village is located 7km to the western side of Bethlehem. It is edged by the occupied lands of 1948 from the north and west, al-Walaja village from the northeast, and Husan village from the south.

Battir has a total population of 5117 people until 2014 and has a total land area of 6681 dunum, 832 of which are built-up area.

Oslo Accords divided the lands of Battir as follows:

  • 1467 dunums are classified as area B
  • 5214 dunums are classified as area C



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