New Colonial Units and a Watch Tower to be established in Salfit city

New Colonial Units and a Watch Tower to be established in Salfit city


  • Violation: Expanding a new outpost.
  • Location: Salfit city.
  • Date: January 1st 2021.
  • Perpetrators: The new outpost.
  • Victims: Farmers and people of Salfit.


Colonists of an outpost built in Ar-Ras area north salfit carried on ravages and expansions in their outpost, it is reported that 3 residential units are being built , and an electricity supply was brought to light up the outpost that devours 10 dunums, and threats 50 dunums of confiscation, While nearby , the occupation forces are building a new military watch point.

Photo 1: The outpost

Noteworthy , colonists of the outpost brought water supply through Ariel colony , and opened a new colonial road that links the colony to a nearby bypass road (900 m).

In reality, the targeted lands are in natural block 3 of Salfit lands , and belong to farmers from Salfit which is proved by Tapu papers , and they are : Heirs of Ahmed ‘Afaneh , Heirs of Musa Nassif , Heirs of Tawfiq Al-Balbesi , Heirs of Taher Bani Nemrah from Salfit.

The outpost first started in 2020 , following leveling of four dunums of postures up a hill in Ar-Ras area , for more information read LRC report.

Salfit municipality head Abdul Kareem Al-Fatash told LRC: “Ar-Ras area has a strategic significance to Salfit city , the area overviews Wad Al-Matwi which contains many water springs , and it is close to Salfit northern entrance and open to vast areas of lands, which is now under confiscation threat after the establishment of the outpost , that also imposes a division threat on the governorate , and changes the area’s demographical nature.”

Palestinian suburbs have been witnessing an increase of random Israeli illegal outposts , 11 new outpost were established in 2020, and the number is increasing.

About Salfit:[1]

28 km south Nablus and 34 km north Ramallah, Salfit has a total area of 26123 dunums, of which 1700 dunums are the city’s built up area, while there are 16202 dunums of agricultural lands.

The segregation wall isolated 1920 dunums of the town’s lands.

According to the newest census conducted in 2017, Salfit has a population of 10350 people.

Families of Salfit: BaniNamra, Eshtayeh, Dahdoul, Shahin ,Madi, Aram, Salim, Zbaidiya, Yasin, Hassan, Yunis , Odeh , Jebril, Maraita, Ismael , Fatoni, Uzriel, Al-Qaisi. There are families of refugees, and they are Abid, Al- Hmidat, Abu Shameh, Al-Rumhi, Al-Sayed, Al-She’ar, Abu Zayid, Al-Dhaher, Mhaboba, Al-Daqeq, Hadad , Al-Zurba, Awad.

Oslo conventions classified the area into:

  • A area: 11941dunums.
  • B area: 3337dunums.
  • C area: 10845dunums.




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