Analysis of the Geopolitical Aspects of the Trump Plan

Analysis of the Geopolitical Aspects of the Trump Plan


On January 28, 2020, the US President Donald Trump unveiled his long-awaited Vision for Palestinian-Israeli peace. It is true that Trump’s Plan was named after the American president who supposedly drafted and scrutinized the Plan, yet it is no secret that it is the Israelis who planned and sketched out its features for it reflects their vision of how to conclude negotiations with the Palestinians. The details of the Plan clearly reveal the difference between representation of Palestinian rights, and Israeli ambitions to camouflage and continue their occupation.

The narrative of Trump’s Plan cannot be further from truth and reality when it tries to sell the distorted Israeli version that: “the Israeli withdrawal from territory captured in a defensive war is a historical rarity and that the State of Israel and the United States do not believe the State of Israel is legally bound to provide the Palestinians with 100 percent of pre-1967 territory (a belief that is inconsistent with United Nations Security Council Resolution 242)”.[1]  The Plan states that it provides “for the transfer of sizeable territory by the State of Israel — territory to which Israel has asserted valid legal and historical claims, and which are part of the ancestral homeland of the Jewish people — which must be considered a significant concession”.

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