Demolition orders target houses and facilities in Birin village/ south Hebron

Demolition orders target houses and facilities in Birin village/ south Hebron


  • Violation: Final demolition notice.
  • Date: May 31st 2020.
  • Location: Birin village – Bein Naim/ south Hebron.
  • Perpetrator: The Israeli Occupation Civil Administration.
  • Victim: Citizens From Burqan family.


Sunday , May 31st 2020, the Israeli Occupation authorities served number of halt of work notices targeting Palestinian citizens and their facilities in Birin south Bein Naim , on the pretext of building without licenses in C area , according to Oslo accords.

Mr.Fareed Burqan , Birin village council head told LRC the following:

 “A vehicle related to the building and organization department in the civil administration , accompanied by an army patrol raided the area, went to the targeted structures , the building and organization officer hanged the demolition orders on the targeted structures then took pictures of them before withdrawing.”

Photo 1 : The occupation forces serving demolition notices

The orders were issued by “The Civil Administration – High Organization Council – Inspection subcommittee” in Beit El military court, and entitled “ A final halt of work and demolition order”.

The Occupation authorities ordered stoppage of construction works at the targeted locations , and demolishing what was built then raze every change that have been made, the targeted owners were given 30 days to implement the demolition , the occupation forces also threatened that in case the owners did not implement the demolition in the given time, the forces will implement the operation and impose high fines on the owners (as demolition costs).

In January 23rd 2020, the occupation authorities had issued notices on the targeted facilities , under the pretext of building without licenses ,  the targeted owners applied for licenses providing all the required papers, they also hired lawyers to follow up the cases in Israeli court.

 As well known , the occupation authorities do not provide licenses for Palestinians , and after refusing the licensing application , they serve a halt of work notice, following it by a demolition notice.

 The occupation authorities claim that these are due process of law in reference to the Jordanian cities , villages and buildings organization law number 79 for 1966, which was valid in the Palestinian territories before the Israeli occupation.

Affected citizen


type of structure





Mahmoud Burqan


A house

60 m2



Used as a tailor shop

Samer Burqan


Inhabited house

100 m2



Built of bricks and stones


150 m3

Very old

Used in agriculture

‘Atta Burqan


Inhabited house

120 m2



2 of its residents are disabled

Basheer Burqan


Inhabited house

40 m2



Built of bricks and steal sheets

Nour Burqan

Lives alone

Inhabited house

40 m2



Built of bricks and steal sheets


150 m2



Agricultural usages

The Occupation  authorities also issued a final halt of work and demolition order on Birin village council’s building , the order was numbered (60957) , and targeted the  council’s building (40 m2) which was  built since 2019 of bricks and steal sheets.

Birin hamlet:[1]

It is located to the southwest of Bani Na’im village and is inhabited by 300 people. The hamlet is edged by Bani Haiver colony from the east and the bypass road no. 60 from the west. Residents of the area were expelled from Negev area and now depend on agriculture and livestock husbandry as main sources of income. The hamlet accommodates one only primary school (1st- 7th grades). Birin (two water wells) was named after two water wells founded in the area.

[1] GIS – LRC


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