Ravages in Haris to Expand Arial Colony / Salfit Governorate

Ravages in Haris to Expand Arial Colony / Salfit Governorate


  • Violation: Colonial Expansion.
  • Location: Haris Village / Northwest Salfit.
  • Date: February 11th 2020.
  • Perpetrators: Ariel industrial zone.
  • Victims: Palestinian Waqf lands and heirs of Abdulhafiz Faze’a.


Tuesday, February 11th, people of Haris village northwest Salfit woke up to the voices of Israeli bulldozers as they ravage vast areas of lands to expand Ariel industrial zone.

The Occupation until the day of writing this report ravaged more than 150 dunums of land in an area known as Kattan Aj-Jame’a , in natural block 13 of Haris village lands , noting that these lands belong to the Islamic Waqf and Religious Endowment.

This comes with ravages in 130 dunums belong to heirs of late Abdulhafiz Faze’a and they are: Jamal Faze’a and brothers , Hafiz Faze’a and brothers , and Naseem Faze’a and brothers.

Haris Village Council head Shaikh Omar Samara told LRC:

“This is a continuation of ravages started one year ago , which targeted about 130 dunums of Waqf lands  and 40 dunums belong to Faze’a family , and today the ravages are expanding on more lands , only few years ago the targeted lands used to be wheat fields.”

At the time Israeli bulldozers are expanding Ariel colony on Palestinian lands, The Occupation is refusing to expand the built up area for Haris village , which resulted in building number of houses in C area , 40 houses and agricultural facilities received halt of work notices from then occupation on the pretext of building without a license.

Ariel industrial zone:

It should be marked that the Israeli authorities confiscated in 1999 a vast area of lands from the Palestinian villages of Haris, Surtta and Bruqin for the sake of establishing a core for a colonial industrial zone that is to the west from the colony of Ariel.

Ever since, the industrial zone has been witnessing a rapid growth at the level of infrastructure and the number of factories established there. Famous factories in the area produce oils, agricultural plastic and threads. Noteworthy, the Israeli government has given so many privileges for those factories such like tax reduction, logistic services and other promoting services.

The Industrial zone contains many Israeli factories that do not follow health conditions in waste disposal, the occupation enjoy the fact that these high emitting factories are outside their “state” so they let out toxics directly to agricultural lands.

Ariel industrial area nowadays contains several factories, including: A plastic factory, food processing factories , filling stations etc.

Land Research Center sees Israel continuous expansion on colonies in the West Bank and Jerusalem at the expense of Palestinian and lands a flagrant violation of Human Rights and all international laws and conventions, which prohibit disposition of public properties in occupied countries.




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