Confiscating a caravan in Jubara village / Tulkarim governorate

Confiscating a caravan in Jubara village / Tulkarim governorate


  • Violation : Confiscating a caravan .
  • Location: Jubara village / Tulkarim governorate .
  • Date: 12/08/2019.
  • Perpetrator: The Israeli occupation forces
  • Victims: Hussam Awad.


Jubara village south Tulkarim is one of the villages heavily targeted in Israeli violations in one way or another . In 2002 , the village was isolated behind the apartheid wall  , since that day people of the village have been suffering from harassments and assaults, land grabs and demolition of houses and facilities.

Monday, 12 August 2019, the Israeli occupation authorities accompanied by the civil administration confiscated a caravan with an area of 12 m2  that belongs to farmer Hussam Awad, under claims that the caravan is in an Israeli state property, the occupation forces claimed that they served a notice earlier.

Jubara village council head Mustafa Al-‘Aboushi told LRC reporter:

“The farmland where the caravan was placed , has an area of 1.5 dunums that were used in the production of several crops such as Wheat and Lentil but during and after the construction of the apartheid wall between the years 2000-2002 several farmers were denied accessing their lands for security claims. However, after removing a segment from the wall in 2013, several farmers started repairing the destruction the occupation had left in the area.

Hussam Awad was one of the farmers who rehabilitated his plot , he also  put a caravan in his farmland in order to use it as a store for agricultural tools.

The occupation authorities claim that Hussam’s and several farmers plots belong to the Israeli state , and hinder their access to their lands.

Photos 1-3: the targeted plot / Jubara village

About Jubara: [1]

7 km to the south of Tulkarem city , Jubara is border by Faro’un village (north), occupied territories of 1948 (west), Shofa village (east), Kafl Al-Jamal and Flamiy (south) . Its population mounts to 313 according to 2017 census.

Families of the town: Jubara, Mahmoud, Awad and Odeh. The town has a total area of 46,914 dunums , of which 73 dunums are the town’s built up area.

Israeli settlements devoured 1068 dunums of the town’s land:

  • Sal’it settlement (1977)  devourd 921 dunums and populated 441 settlers.
  • Ya’arit devoured 147 dunums.

The segregation wall devoured 1531 dunums, and isolated 12,212 dunums.

Oslo conventions divided Jubara into B and C areas:

  • B area : 29862 dunums.
  • C area: 17052 dunums.




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