Demolition of 3 commercial facilities and notifying another in Haris town/ Salfit governorate

Demolition of 3 commercial facilities and notifying another in Haris town/ Salfit governorate


  • Violation: Demolition of 3 facilities and issuing a military order targeting another.
  • Location: Haris village north west Salfit.
  • Date: 04/12/2018.
  • Perpetrator: The Israeli occupation army.
  • Victims: 3 Palestinian families.


In the early morning hours of Tuesday, a massive force from the Israeli occupation troops and a bulldozer raided Haris town, and carried on demolishing 3 facilities on the pretext of building them before getting proper licenses: a dry cleaning facility , a furniture and upholstery facility  and a Smithery.

Noteworthy, the demolished structures received military orders in 11 /11/2017, and another final demolition military orders in 28/11/2018, the owners were given 30 days to file objections or demolish their structures , but before the dead line and in less than a week from receiving the military orders, the occupation demolished the structures.

The following table provides more information about the damages:

Affected citizen

Number of family members

Children under age

Workers in the targeted facilities


Fadi Suliman




Demolished his dry cleaning facility , built of zinc and with an area of 100 m2 , and destroying the floor

Nadi Suliman




Demolition of a smithery built of zinc (90 m2)

Salih Suliman




Demolition  of a zinc furniture and upholstery facility  90 m2 , and destroying  a cable line (40 m2)






source: Firsthand field observation- Israeli violations monitoring section – LRC , December 2017





Citizen Salih Soliman told LRC reporter: “The targeted structures provided a source of income for 9 families, and financial lost reached 190000 NIS”

Halt of work order on An Aluminum processing facility:

The Israeli occupation’s so called building and organizing committee in 04 /12 /2018, served a halt of work order  on an Aluminum facility near the demolished structures on the pretext of building before getting proper licenses . The structure belongs to citizen Salih Suliman  and has an area of 80 m2.

According to the military order (206539) the Israeli occupation  set December 23 of 2018 as the date of the building and organizing committee in “Beit El” court to decide the fate of the structures. Noteworthy, the facility provides a source of income for 3 families.

Non-stop military orders:

It should be noted Haris village received more than 38 stop-work orders on different structures including houses, workshops and other facility .

The occupation justifies the issuance of stop-work orders under the pretext of building without licenses in area classified as area “C” according to Oslo Accords.

About Haris:[1]

7km to the northwest of Salfit governorate, Haris is there with a total land area of 8769 dunum, of which 190 is the built-up area. Haris is surrounded by the villages of Deir Istiya from the north, Kifl Haris from the east, Kfar ad-Deek  and Bruqin from the southwest and Qarawat Bani Hassan from the west.

Haris has a total population of 4,137 people according to the census of Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics for 2017. Those people relate to the following families: Abu Atta, Dawoud, Salamih, Sultan, Shihada, Souf, Faz’, Awwad, Qasim, and Klaib




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