Confiscations and threats in the Yatta Hamlet of Al-Fakhit / Hebron Governorate

Confiscations and threats in the Yatta Hamlet of Al-Fakhit / Hebron Governorate


  • Violation: Confiscations and confiscation threats of tents.
  • Date: 07/03/2019.
  • Location: Al-Fakhit – Yatta / Hebron Governorate
  • Perpetrators: The Israeli occupation civil administration.
  • Victims: people from Al- Adra family.

Description: The Israeli occupation troops and civil administration raided Al-Fakhit , and confiscated a tent belongs to Ismael Al-Adra , the tent had an area of (30m2) , which was an asylum for a family of (5) of which (2) are children, The perpetrators gave the owner a confiscation notice.

Photos 1+2 : a photo shows Israeli troops confiscating a tent – Masafer Yatta Local Council

Photo 3: The confiscation notice

The occupation also confiscated a tent used as a barn (60 m2).

In the same context, the Israeli troops served halt of work order on (3) tents and a barn in the same area, on the pretext of placing them before getting proper licenses from the occupation.

Photo 4 : the halt of work military order.

The halt of work military orders set April 4th 2019 , as the date of the inspection subcommittee to decide the fate of the structures.

The following table shows more information about the confiscated structures:



Family members


Area m2



Mohammad  Eleyan Al-Adra


Residential tent


The family’s home

Residential tent


The family’s home



Barn for cattle


Mohammad  Ismael Al-Adra


Residential tent


The family’s home

Source: firsthand field observation – Israeli violations monitoring section- LRC , March 2019.

It is reported that the demolished structure was built to be used seasonally; especially during the harvesting season. The owner family owns a parcel of land that is planted with winter crops and grains.

About Al-Fakhit:

Al-Fakhit village is relative to Masafer Yatta area and populates about 80 people who live off of agriculture and animal husbandry. The village is edged by Al-Majaz village from the east, Al-Tawamin and Shu’ub Al-Butm from the west, Al-Tabban from the north and Al-Halawah and the apartheid wall from the south.

The village has a total built-up area of 7 dunums only, where most structures are notified of stop-work and demolition by the Israeli Occupation Authorities.



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