Orders for Eviction on Lands in Ash-Shuyukh / East Hebron

Orders for Eviction on Lands in Ash-Shuyukh / East Hebron
  • Violation: orders for eviction on Lands.
  • Date: 11+21 /02/2019.
  • Location: She’ab As-Sear – Ash-Shuyukh village / Hebron governorate.
  • Perpetrator: The Israeli occupation civil administration.
  • Victims: Farmers from Ash-Shuyukh.


The Israeli occupation authorities issued orders for eviction on lands in She’ab As-Sear north east Ash-Shuyukh, under claims that they are state’s properties.

The orders targeted two plots as the following:

Firstly, order for eviction on a land belongs to Ayayda Family:

Farmers from Ayayda family found order for eviction on their 9  dunums land. Reportedly Ayayda family had recently rehabilitated their lands with the help of one of LRC rehabilitation projects, and established a cistern (100 m3) to provide their crops with water.

The targeted plot belongs to:

  1. Fayez Ayayda.
  2. Ahmad Ayayda.
  3. Issa Ayayda.
  4. Nadi Ayayda.

The order gave the owners only 45 days to evict their lands.

Photos 1+2: An Order for eviction on Ayayda land

Photo 3: The targeted plot

Secondly- An order for eviction on a land belongs to Warasna family:

Farmer Khallel Warasna found order for eviction on his 10 dunums plot , the plot went through rehabilitation, with the help of LRC land rehabilitation project, Khaleel was given only 72 hours to evict the land.

Photos 4-5: an order for eviction within 72 hours

After 72 hours, the occupation troops showed up and uprooted 300 olive saplings, and served another order for eviction targeting the retaining wall that surrounds the land for 45 days.

Photos 6+7: An order for eviction within 45 days

Noteworthy, under the wave of assaults against farmers of She’ab As-Sear , the occupation authorities served a halt of work order in (11/2/2019) on an agricultural road that was supposed to serve farmers in the area.

Photo 8 : Halt of work order on a road

Photo 9 : The targeted road


Prepared by
 The Land Research Center