Establishing a New Colonial Block in “Ma’ale Israel” on Salfit Lands

Establishing a New Colonial Block in “Ma’ale Israel” on Salfit Lands
  • Violation: colonial expansion on Palestinian lands.
  • Location: Sarta lands, West Salfit city.
  • Date : 03/02/2019.
  • Victims: Palestinian farmers.


Reportedly, The occupation’s bulldozers are ravaging lands north west “Ma’ale Israel”, leveling to construct a new colonial block.

The ravaged lands are 35 dunums adjacent to the illegal settlement, they were confiscated with military orders in the 80s , and they are located in natural block  22 , and owned by farmers from Salah and Sarsour families.

Photos 1-3: Ma’ale Israel settlement and the new block

In the recent 5 years, it appeared that the occupation is excessively expanding colonies on Salfit lands , in attempt to create a colonial cluster and gab more Palestinian lands. Salfit has an area of 202 thousand dunums, of which 33521 are grabbed by the radical occupation through 23 settlements. Noteworthy, 6 % of the governorate’s lands are a built up area for Palestinians, while settlers built over 9 % of Salfit ;ands.

Ma’ale Israeli was established 1 km west The industrial settlement “Barkan”   in 1991 by a group of radical settlers. Since then, the settlement plot doubled twice its original area , it is inhabited by families of eastern Jews.

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