The occupation authorities legalize “Mizpe Karam” outpost/Ramallah governorate.

The occupation authorities legalize “Mizpe Karam” outpost/Ramallah governorate.
  • Violation: Legalizing an outpost.
  • Location: East Deir Jarir in Ramallah governorate.
  • Date: August 28 -2018.
  • Victims: Farmers of the surrounding lands.


The Israeli occupation’s court in Jerusalem passed a decree to legalize “Mizpe Karam” outpost south of “Kukhab Hashaier” settlement on claims that the occupation’s government promised settlers to implant the outpost with accreditation documents to take over the land.

Photos 1-2 : Mizpe Karam outpost over Palestinian confiscated lands

Aerial plan of the outpost.

This case goes back to the 1981, the Israeli occupation civil administration assigned a comittee to organize the lands labeled by the occupation’s government as “state’s property”, the assigned committee took over all lands of Al-Masaheeb in Deir Al-Jarir without any military orders and without considering their Palestinian owners, in 1999 The civil administration transferred the ownership of the mentioned lands to illegal settlers who built a colonial outpost over 34 dunums without permission from the Israeli government.

In the beginning of 2011, number of Palestinian farmers from Deir Al-Jarir filed a petition to the Israeli Supreme Court asking for the lands they own proven by legal document, They hired lawyer Husam Yunis to adopt case (935/11), during the court’s session, settlers claimed that they own the land by legal documents between the Israeli civil administration and built their outpost with “good well”, while the occupation authorities representative negated giving permissions for this random outpost, and confirmed that the lands belong to Palestinian farmers.

In July of 2013, settlers of “Mizbe Karam” headed to the occupation’s court in Jerusalem requesting to transfer the land’s property to them with legal documents based on article 5 of Israeli state’s properties law “organizing the market” which says that settlers who have been taking over a land for a long while gain its property and compensate the original owners who lost their lands.

According to Abdo Abdul-Razaq head of deir Jarir rural council : the targeted lands are 12-18 , 22-24, 38-41 of Deir Jarir lands and owned by families of : Alawi, Shaje’e, Mekho and Ma’ale.

 Photo 1: Kukhab Hashier settlement.

After long discussions in the occupation’s court in Jerusalem, the court passed a decree to transfer the property of the lands to the settlers who took over it and compensate the real Palestinian owners, this impose a threaten over all Palestinian lands in illegal outposts, and kills the original owners’ hopes to regain their lands.

Head of rural council in Deir Jarir said that owners of the land applied an appeal to the Israeli supreme court, and confirmed that the occupation had been prohibiting the real owners from carrying out any developmental projects in their land.

Deir Jarir[1]:


It is located 12 km to the north east of Ramallah, 900 meters above sea level; it is connected the surrounding Palestinian towns and villages via a lonely main road. its total area is 33,332 dunums, planted mostly with olives, fig, grapes, and other fruits. The village organizational plan includes 793 dunums while it is inhabited by around 5000 people.

The occupation devoured about 2482 dunums from its lands:

  • Settlements devoured about 1358 dunums of the towns land for “Kukhaf Hashaher” settlement established in 1977 and populated by 1358 illegal settlers.
  • Bypass roads (446 and 458) devoured 1124 dunums.

According to Oslo convention the land is divided to 2 parts: B area with 4906 dunums, and C areas 28426 dunums (under Israeli full control).

[1] GIS- LRC

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