Final demolition order on Zanuta hamlet / Hebron governorate

Final demolition order on Zanuta hamlet / Hebron governorate

  • Violation: serving final demolition orders.
  • Date: August 27/2018.
  • Location: Zanuta hamlet/ Hebron governorate.
  • Perpetrator: The Israeli occupation civil administration.
  • Victims: Zanuta hamlet children.


The Israeli occupation forces issued a final demolition order on Zanuta hamlet school in Adh Dhahiriya- Hebron governorate, eyewitness said that a vehicle from the Israeli occupation civil administration raided the hamlet, and the so called inspecting officer showed up, stock the final-demolition order on the school’s wall, took pictures of it before leaving the location, the order requests to demolish the school within 7 days, in case of passing the deadline the occupation will carry out the operation on the owner’s expense.

Photo 1: The halt of construction order

The occupation demolished Zanuta hamlet school in April 09 – 2018, people of the town rebuilt it and now the occupation authorities issued an order to demolish it again.

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Photo 2 : The threatened structure.

The school is reported to have an area of 120 m2 , containing 3 classrooms without a ceiling, it consists of 25 students from Zanuta and surrounding hamlets. Zanuta hamlet is targeted by Israeli occupation violations, as it is surrounded by “settlements’ local council” from the east, “ Shani – Livneh” and the Apartheid wall from  the south, and bypass roads from other sides.


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