Israeli Occupation Forces confiscate construction materials from Arab Az-Zayed – An-Nuwei’ma / Jericho governorate

Israeli Occupation Forces confiscate construction materials from Arab Az-Zayed – An-Nuwei’ma / Jericho governorate
  • Violation: confiscation of construction materials
  • Location:  Arab Az-Zayed Bedouin community / An-Nuwei’ma / Jericho governorate.
  • Date:  May 28, 2018
  • Perpetrators: The Israeli occupation forces.
  • Victims:  citizen Najeh Az-Zayed.


The Israeli occupation authorities confiscated on May 28, 2018 construction materials from Arab Az-Zayed Bedouin community, An-Nuwei’ma.

It should be marked that a force from the occupation army accompanied by a winch stormed the area where the house of Citizen Najeh Az-Zayed exists. The force then confiscated the construction materials from the site.

The confiscated items are reported to be 700 construction stones. The Israeli occupation authorities claimed that the confiscation occurred because the house lies in a closed military zone.

Noteworthy, the targeted structure consist of one room and was supposed to be a home for Njeh’s family (5 members , 3 of them are children).

Arab Abu Zayed, like many other Palestinian dwellings spread over the hills of the Valley, is a target of the Israeli occupation that seeks to kick people out and clear the area of its indigenous inhabitants only to serve Israel’s expansive plans. It is worth mentioning that Arab Abu Zayed went through a Diaspora in 1948 when they had to leave Beersheba and flee to the West Bank.


Photo 1-2 : Arab Az-Zayed Bedouin community.


About Arab Az-Zayed Community :

Arab Abu Zayed community (An Nuwei’meh Bedouins) is located around 1 kilometer to the northwestern side of An Nuwei’meh village north of Jericho city.

The community is considered part of An Nuwei’meh village boundary and has a total population of 350 (Head of Arab Abu Zayed community 2011). According to the Oslo II Interim agreement of 1995, the community of Arab Abu Zayed is located in ‘C’ area which falls under the full Israeli control. Palestinians living in Area ‘C’ must acquire building permits from the Israeli Civil Administration in order to be able to build and expand.

To the northwest of Arab Abu Zayed community and around 1 kilometer away from it, lies an Israeli military base which contributed much to the obstruction of the community growth and development. The military base has also caused the displacement of many Bedouins families living in the area due to the activities that take place during military trainings which include fire shooting.

It should be marked that Bedouins of Arab Al-Mleihat community hail from the area of Beer AL-Saba’, from which they were expelled in the aftermath of 1948 war. Bedouins moved to several Bedouin communities in west bank.


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