50 New residential units in “Pizael” settlements- Fasayil Jericho

50 New residential units in “Pizael” settlements- Fasayil  Jericho


  • Violation: construction of residential units
  • Location: Fasayil village/ Jericho governorate
  • Date:  January 13 / 2018
  • Perpetrators: The Israeli occupation civil administration.
  • Victims:  areas of Palestinian Jordan valley.


Palestinian Jordan Valley area is considered as the eastern border of the occupation state. “. the occupation governments worked to implement plans and protocols that aim at Judaizing the area. First step was to transform 400,000 dunums of Palestinian lands into closed military zones inaccessible for Palestinians. Not only, were 97 military locations created in the area in addition to planting hundreds of dunums with landmines. Noteworthy, such areas are founded close to Bedouin communities, where the life of many Palestinians is endangered.

Ratifying 50 residential units in the Palestinian Jordan valley area:

Subcommittee for colonization from the Israeli civil administration ratified on January 13, 2018 the construction of 50 residential units in “Pizael” illegal settlement built over confiscated lands from Fasayil town, on the purpose of increasing number of settlers in the area and expanding illegal settlement.


Hani Zbeidat Head of legal circles In Jericho and Jordan Valley area that this assault will cause great harm to the area, and told LRC observer:

There are organized Israeli policies in the Jordan valley area aim to improve illegal agricultural colonies to transform them into (Kibbutz) in the Israeli definition, such illegal colonies receive total support from the Israeli minister of agriculture, in addition to increasing numbers of colonists which will change the demographical atmosphere of the area, and establish new threat to the Palestinians in the area.

“Pizael” is built over lands belonging to the Hashemite kingdom coffers, it was first established in 1978 and consisted of simple mobile caravans, soon enough settlers implanted a siege over surrounding agricultural area and cultivated it. in 1972, the occupation authorities ratified the colony and declared building permanent residential units, later they confiscated hundred of agricultural dunums and implanted them with date palms, grapes, vegetables and flowers using modern technological equipment. Recently, the illegal colony was visited by many Israeli former ministers, and its residents receive total support from the Israeli occupation government including tax cut, these Occupation policies aim to strengthen agricultural and demographic existence in the area.

Photos 1-4: a view of “Pizael” settlement.


Ibrahem Ebeyat head of rural council in Al Fasayil told LRC observer:

” “Pizael” illegal settlement is a catastrophe for people of Fasayil, The illegal colony constantly expands, while people of Fasayil have a built up area of 148 dunums as the occupation declared in 1988. Moreover, the “colonial council” pushed the so called Civil Administration into demolishing tens of homes in Fasyil upper side, which caused the dislocation of 2000 people and are not able to build new houses due to the narrow built up area. Even the leading roads to the village were closed; northern entry road was closed in 2001 for “security purposes” as they claim, and soon the illegal colony expanded there and suppressed any hope of reopening the road.

Establishing a motor racing track:

The Israeli occupation transformed over 150 dunums of Palestinian agricultural lands into a motor racing track, after confiscating the land claiming it is a state’s property, this project serves the whole occupation state and hosts international races, it is supported by the Israeli ministry of youth and agriculture, In advertisement Israelis claim that it is built in “The Israeli state” and impose 100 shekels ticket on whoever want to inter the racing track

Hamzeh Zbeidat researcher and expert of Jordan valley affairs told LRC observer:

The motor racing track was established over the only posture in the Fasayil village, in the northern side of the village there is “Pizael” illegal colony, in the southern and western sides there is “Tomer” illegal colony and from the east of the town there is bypass road 90. Consequently, the village is completely besieged. It is noteworthy, that the main source of income for people of the town is cattle breeding and now shepherds are not exposed to any postures.

Affected farmer Ahmad Ar-Rashaydeh told LRC observer:

Cattle breeding is the main source of income for the town’s people, that is why the occupation frequently subject postures in their violations, Ar Rashaydeh recalled settlers assaults in 2011, they distributed poison in postures which caused the death of 46 sheep, then they transformed the area into military training camps, each spring time of every year they pass through with their caterpillars and destroy everything, and now they transform the area into a motor racing track, and leave the Palestinian farmer struggling to survive in such circumstances”

Palestinian Jordan Valley

with a total area of 720,000 dunums , 400,000 dunums of them are closed military zones inaccessible for Palestinians. Settlements also confiscated 72,000 dunums . There are 31 Israeli illegal settlement in the area, their residents receive the greatest support from the occupation’s government. According to Oslo convention : 88.3% of Palestinian Jordan Valley is C area, 4.3 are B areas and only 7.4 are A area.



Fasayil is located 17 km to the north east of Jericho; according to the Israeli Organizational structures of 1981, the village built-up area should not exceed 122 dunums. According to the Village Council, the village is population is 1100 people. Most of the residents are Bedouins who came to the village searching for water and herding areas in addition to a minority of refugees.


Most of the village lands are classified as ‘state property’ preventing the Palestinians from exploiting it in any possible way in addition to chasing them out and threatening their simple shelters. On the other hand, Israeli colonies in the area are expanding rapidly; the village is surrounded by several colonies, Bitsayel and Yavit besides edging the by-pass road ’90’ (north), Tumer, Netiv Hagedud, and Gilgal (south)


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