Israeli Occupation Forces confiscate and damage tons of charcoal in Jenin

Israeli Occupation Forces confiscate and damage tons of charcoal in Jenin


  • Violation: confiscation of charcoal
  • Location: Ya'bad- Jenin governorate
  • Date:  August 17, 2017
  • Perpetrators: Israeli Occupation Forces
  • Victims:  number of charcoal workshops owners


It is reported that Israeli Occupation Forces damaged on August 17, 2017 around 24 tons of charcoal in the village of Ya'bad in Jenin governorate. The damaged charcoal are reported owned by Allam Abu Bakir (9 tons) and Rafiq Zaid (15 tones). Dozers and machineries of the occupation ran over the charcoal and rendered it unsuitable for consumption.


Photo 1: location of the attack


In the same context, Israeli Occupation Forces confiscated 20 tons of wood that were prepared to be made into charcoals. The confiscated items were moved to a nearby military camp via special trucks. Twelve tons of the seized wood belong to citizen Fadi Abu Bakr where the rest belongs to Ahmad Al-Abadi.

During the confiscation, the occupation dozer was reported to partially damage an agricultural barrack belonging to citizen Bilal Al-Abadi.


Photo 2: the confiscation location


Photo 3: the damaged barrack

About the incident, the representative of charcoal producers, Kayed Abu Bakr told Land Research Center that Ya'bad had a large number of charcoal making facilities, which provided living for around 500 Palestinian families. In 2013, the occupation imposed endless restrictions on charcoal producers and threatened to confiscate their related machines and items used in the process of charcoal making and to detain anyone who works in the business. Now, only 25 charcoal making facilities are left. The occupation target such facilities of stop-work on the claim of "causing damage to environment".

During 2017, the occupation demolished more than 13 charcoal making facilities, destroyed tins of charcoal and confiscated tons of wood.

Photos 4-5: Ya'bad charcoal making facilities

About Ya’bad village:

The village is located 18 km to the west of Jenin governorate. It is edged by the villages of Al-Khiljan, Al-Tarm, Al-Araqa, Imraiha and Khirbet Mas’oud, Zabda from the north, Qaffin village from the west, Al-Qaffriat village from the east and Arraba, Al-Nazla Al-Sharqiya and Baqa Al-Sharqiya from the south.

With a total land area of 29572 dunums, of which 1814 dunums are the built-up area, Ya’bad is inhabited by 13640 people (2007).

The occupation confiscated 1840 dunums from Ya’bad; the confiscation is clarified as follows:

  1. Israeli colonies confiscated 483 dunums as follows:

Year of establishment

Confiscated area\dunum

No. of colonists

Mevo Dotan





  1. Bypass roads number (569 & 585) confiscated 1357 dunums.

The lands of Ya’bad are classified, according to Oslo Accords, as follows:

  • 1674 dunums are classified as area “A”
  • 8124 dunums are classified as area “B”
  • 19774 dunums are classified as area “C”


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