New master plan for Hayovel outpost takes over 45 dunums from Nablus lands

New master plan for Hayovel outpost takes over 45 dunums from Nablus lands


  • Violation: declaring closed military zone       
  • Location:  Qaryut village- Nablus      
  • Date:  April 01, 2017
  • Perpetrators: farmer Muhannad Mirdawi
  • Victims:


 Israeli Occupation Forces escalated attacks and restrictions on Qaryut farmers and others in neighboring villages. Farmers were denied access to their lands on the claim of "proximity to Israeli colonies".

Affected farmer Muhannad Mirdawi said that his brothers and himself were sent out on April 01, 2017 from their land at time they were taking care of their crops and trees.  The Israeli force in the area threatened the farmers to shoot a stun grenade at them in case they don’t leave the area immediately. Noteworthy, the targeted land is 12 dunums in area and is only 12 meters away from Hayovel outpost that is relative to Eli colony.

Declaring 45 dunums  closed military zone:

In the same context, the commander of Israeli Occupation Army in the West Bank, issued a map\plan to transfer 45 dunums located nearby Hayovel outpost into closed military zone. Noteworthy, the lands of farmer Muhannad Mirdawi is located in that area and is fully affected by the map.

The map\plan declared the area inaccessible for Palestinian farmers but through special permits given by the Israeli government for specific times during the year.

Member of Qaryut village council, Bashar Mu'amr, said that the plan is the first stop to take lands over and expand the outpost.

Photo 1: the plan\map. Areas in red are the targeted lands

Photos 2-5:  farmer Muhannad Mirdawi while being kicked out from his land

Photo 6: Hayovel outpost


About Qaryut: 

Qaryut is 20 km south of Nablus and 28 km away from Ramallah. It is one of the villages that are totally surrounded by colonies and outposts. The village populates 2321people on a total land area of 8471 dunums, of which 312dunums are the village's built-up area.

The Israeli occupation 1332 dunums from Qaryut village for the favor of the following colonies:

  • Shilo colony:  it was built in 1978 on 799 confiscated dunums from Silon lands. Now, the colony has a total built-up area of 1347.
  • Eli colony: it was built in 1984 on 553 confiscated dunums. Now, the colony has a total built-up area of 3360 dunums.


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