Israel to continue a land grab on 142 dunums in Tulkarm

Israel to continue a land grab on 142 dunums in Tulkarm


  • Violation: land expropriation order
  • Location: Al- Sha'rawyeh area- Tulkarm governorate
  • Date: December 31, 2016
  • Perpetrators: Israeli Occupation Forces
  • Victims: farmers of the area


Israel Army Commander in the West Bank, Roni ALov, issued a military order number (T/36/03), which states continuation on a 142.2 dunum land grab in Al- Sha'rawyeh area, north Tulkarm governorate on the claim of "establishing new segment of the wall".

The order entitles the Israeli Occupation Forces to continue the seizure of the targeted lands until 2019.

The chairman of the areas Joint Service Council said that the occupation intended to leave the order by one of the wall's agricultural gates without attaching any explanatory map to create a state of ambiguity.

Photo 1: the apartheid wall established on Qaffin lands in Tulkarm


The targeted lands were reported to be located within the natural blocks number 3 from Zeita village, number 4 from Alar village, number 4 from Baqa Al-Sharqiya village, number 2 from Nazlit Isa village and number 2 from Qaffin lands.

It should be noted that the order targeted some parts from the occupied territories of 1948, especially in the natural blocks number 3 from Baqa Al-Gharbiya village and number 3 from Jit village.

It is reported that the targeted lands were confiscated in 2003 for the purpose of establishing the apartheid wall in the area.


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 The Land Research Center

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