Israeli Occupation Forces prohibit farmers from cultivating 650 dunums in the Jericho village of Al-Auja

Israeli Occupation Forces prohibit farmers from cultivating 650 dunums in the Jericho village of Al-Auja


  • Violation: banning cultivation in Jericho 
  • Location:  Al-Auja village- Jericho
  • Date:  May 05, 2016
  • Perpetrators: Israeli Occupation Forces
  • Victims:  Al-Sultan company for vegetables and fruits


Land seizure and confiscation is a colonial policy to take lands over for colonial expansion ends in the areas of Palestinian Jordan Valley (Al-Ghoor). Colonists race time to take as much lands as possible over under the cover of Israeli Occupation Forces. This is to create a de facto that will be impossible to deal with in any future negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis.

It should be marked that Israeli occupation authorities prohibited on May 05, 2016 Al-Sultan Company for Fruits and Vegetables from planting 650 dunums of lands with palm trees in the area of AL-Masqara, north east Al-Auja village. Noteworthy, the company leased the land from Palestine Ministry of Endowment in 2013.


Photos 1-2: the targeted location

Photo 3: ownership documents of the leased lands

It should also be marked that the leased lands are unused compared to the nearby lands that were confiscated by colonists. Yitav colonists transformed the aforementioned lands into agricultural ones. For further information, please read Land Research Center report on the case (LINK)

The occupation justified the ban on cultivation, claiming the targeted lands "State Property". This claim was refuted by Palestine Ministry of Endowment through the ownership documents of the lands.

Colonists' attempts at lands confiscation:

It should be marked that the area of Al-Masqara has been witnessing many attacks and violations carried out by Yitav colonists. Violations are represented in ravaging lands and cultivating others for the sake of taking them over. Noteworthy, all colonists' attacks and violations are supported and protected by Israeli Occupation Forces.

It should be marked that 61% of Al-Auja lands are categorized as endowment or "Waqf".  The major part of those lands were leased for farmers to invest and start up business on so that the revenue up scale the area's economy and in order to protect the lands from colonial takeover plans.


Prepared by
 The Land Research Center


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