Israeli Occupation Forces confiscate water pipelines from the Jericho hamlet of Al-Hadidiya

Israeli Occupation Forces confiscate water pipelines from the Jericho hamlet of Al-Hadidiya


  • Violation: confiscating water pipelines
  • Location:  Al-Hadidiya hamlet
  • Date:  May 24, 2016
  • Perpetrators: Israeli Occupation Forces
  • Victims: residents of the area


Israeli Occupation Forces on May 23, 2016 raided Al-Hadidiya hamlet and confiscated 1000m of pipelines that were supposed to be used in implementing a project to develop the water sector in the northern Palestinian Jordan Valley (Al-Ghoor). The project is implemented by Action Against Hunger and is funded by the Japanese Representative Office in Palestine.

The head of the community, Abdelraheem Bsharat, told Land Research Center the following:

" This project is one of a series of projects to be implemented in AL-ghoor area; it moves water from a water tower in Tammun village to the hamlets of Al-Hadidiya (94 inhabitants), Samra (56 inhabitants) and Makhoul (59 inhabitants) through plastic water pipelines (14km*3inches). The project is believed to boost the economy of the area and develop it, reinforcing the steadfastness of people on the ground".

According to the field visits of Land Research Center to the area of violation, an area of 200 meter was dug and pipelines were installed in there.

It should be marked that Israeli agricultural colonies founded in the area enjoy abundance and availability of water while Palestinians are deprived from water at all.

It is reported that the occupation also confiscated water pipelines for the same project in the village of Al-Aqaba and the hamlet of Ibziq two weeks ago; farmers of the area were delivered a notice of stop-work on the project at time.

Photo 1: Al-Hadidiya hamlet

Photo 2: Samra hamlet

Photo 3: Makhoul hamlet


About Al-Hadidiya hamlet:

It is considered part of Dhaher Al Malih area and is  located 33 km to the east of Tubas governorate. Moreover, it populates about 94 people who depend on agriculture and livestock in their living. Most of the residents are nomads descending from Bisharat and Odeh families from Tammun; they resided in the area for the sake of planting and growing cattle just like any other nomad assemblage in the area that used to belong to Palestinians.

The hamlet underwent many demolitions by the Israeli occupation authorities, which do not recognize and acknowledge this area to be Palestinian.

The redundant demolitions, which reached out almost every structure in the hamlet, aim at displacing the residents of the area to become under the military control of the Israeli occupation. This is to serve the Zionist Plan in the area of Palestinian Jordan Valley.

Israeli occupation authorities aim at emptying the area of Palestinian Jordan Valley for the favor of colonial interests. Statements made by Israeli officials assert the aforementioned; here are some:

Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement :

"Israel will not accept any resettlements that don’t include the presence of Israeli Occupation Forces in Palestinian Jordan Valley"

Israel Foreign Minister, Lieberman, stated:

"We refuse the presence of international forces in the area of Palestinian Jordan Valley for it is the key to Tel Aviv and the fortress against the threats we face"

Israel Minister of War, Iyhud Barak, stated:

"Between Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea ,Israel will be founded"



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