Israel Unveils new tenders in Mishor Adumim Industrial settlement in Jerusalem

Israel Unveils new tenders in Mishor Adumim Industrial settlement in Jerusalem


During the month of March 2016, the so-called “Custodian of the Israeli Government Property” in the occupied West Bank published two tenders for new land designations in Mishor Adumim Industrial settlement east of Jerusalem city for trade and other purposes. The tenders which were published on the Israeli Land Administration (ILA) website hold numbers 29/2016/יש and 59/2016/יש and invite interested parties to submit bids to lease plots of land in the settlement. Below is a detailed description of the published tenders

1- Israeli Tender No. 29/2016/יש: It was issued on the 16th of March 2016 and invites bids to lease two plots of land for trade and other services in the settlement of Mishor Adumim (the industrial Zone), on 8.57 dunums of land of the nearby Al Khan Al Ahmar community.  The tender offers the signing of a lease to – 49 years – with an option to extend the lease for another 49 years. The deadline for submission of bids is on the 30th of May 2016. The tender comes as part of the town planning scheme (TPS) No. 420/2/4/5.

Note that the original TPS No. 420/2/4 came into effect since March 1996 and stated construction in Mishor Adumim settlement (the industrial Zone), on 569.8 dunums of land of the nearby Palestinian community Al Khan Al Ahmar Palestinian in Jerusalem Governorate. See Table 1 & Photo 1

Table 1: Development cost affiliated to the issued Tender No. 29/2016/יש
No. Area (sqm) Development costs  (NIS) Plot Number
1 10,795 2813339 421 1
2 8570 2233471 422 1
Source: Israeli Land Administration website – 2016

Photo 1: Map of the Israeli tender Number 420/2/4/5


While the second tender, which holds number 59/2016/יש, was issued on the 30th of March 2016. The tender invites proposals for signing a contract for 3 years  with an option to extend for another 24 months in Mishor Adumim Industrial settlement. The deadline for submission of bids is on the 27th of June 2016. Note that the tender comes as part of town planning scheme (TPS) No. 420/2/2/2. See Table 2 

ent cost affiliated to the issued Tender No. 59/2016/יש
No. Plots number Area (sqm) Development costs (NIS) 
1 436 98,590 1,248,440
2  1020,1022
Source: Israeli Land Administration website, 2016

Note that the original TPS No. 420/2/2/2 was approved by the Government of Israel back in March 1996. The plan stated the designation of open areas for the construction of industrial factories and the establishment of commercial areas on 1192.8 dunums of lands of Al Khan Al Ahmar community in Jerusalem.

Previous Settlement Activity in Mishor Adumim Settlement

During the previous years, several Israeli plans and tenders were issued in the settlement of Mishor Adumim and concluded either building in the settlement or designating open areas within the settlement for industrial and commercial purposes. Below is a descending chronology of the tenders and plans published for Mishor Adumim settlement since 2001. See Table 3

Table 3: Israeli Tenders Issued in Mishor Adumim settlement in the previous years
No. Land Designation Tender No. TPS No. Date of Publication Land Designation
1 Lease a plot for trade 14/2015/יש   23/01/2015 Trade and / or offices
2 Lease of 2 plots of land 221/2013/יש 420/2/2/2/7 11/8/2013 Trade and / or offices
3 Lease a plot for trade 71/2011/יש 420/2/2/2/9 5/7/2011 Trade and / or offices
4  lease a plot for trade and gas station 202/2008/יש 420/2/4  7/9/2008 Gas Station
5 lease   5 plots for trade and other services 203/2008/יש 420/2/2/2/9 7/9/2008 Trade and / or offices
6 lease the complex to establish a gas station, commerce and other services 330/2005/יש 420/2/4 29/12/2005 Gas Station
7 Lease 4 plots for  industrial 72/2003/יש 420/2/2/2 19/05/2003 Industry
8 Lease 4 plots for  industrial 228/2003/יש 420/2/2/2 1/12/2003 Industry
  Lease 1 plot for trade / offices and services יש/299/2001 420/2/2/2    Commercial Area
Source: Israeli Land Administration 2001-2016
Retrieved on 16 April 2016


The Mishor Adumim Industrial settlement

The settlement of Mishor Adumim was established in 1974, on lands of Al Ezariyah, Al Isawiya and Az Zayeem communities in Jerusalem. Today the settlement occupies a total land area of 3396 dunums and is attached to the settlement of Ma’ale Adumim.  Since its establishment, the Government of Israel has been investing in the expansion of Mishor Adumim settlement due to its importance in field of industry. Today the settlement hosts approximately 100 industrial factories of different industries such as Plastic, cement, leather tanning, detergents, textile dyeing, aluminum, electroplating and several others.  

During the previous years, several plans were issued for the expansion and development of Mishor Adumim, below is a list of plans, Table 3

  Settlement מספר
1 Mishor Adumim יוש/ 1/ 1/ 3/ 2/ 420
2 Mishor Adumim יוש/ 1/ 3/ 2/ 2/ 2/ 420
3 Mishor Adumim יוש/ 1/ 4/ 2/ 2/ 2/ 420
4 Mishor Adumim יוש/ 14/ 2/ 2/ 2/ 420
5 Mishor Adumim יוש/ 15/ 2/ 2/ 2/ 420
6 Mishor Adumim יוש/ 16/ 2/ 2/ 2/ 420
7 Mishor Adumim יוש/ 18/ 2/ 2/ 2/ 420
8 Mishor Adumim יוש/ 19/ 2/ 2/ 2/ 420
9 Mishor Adumim יוש/ 2/ 910
10 Mishor Adumim יוש/ 21/ 2/ 2/ 2/ 420
11 Mishor Adumim יוש/ 22/ 2/ 2/ 2/ 420
12 Mishor Adumim יוש/ 23/ 2/ 2/ 2/ 420
13 Mishor Adumim יוש/ 4/ 4/ 2/ 420
14 Mishor Adumim יוש/ 4/ 905
15 Mishor Adumim יוש/ 6/ 2/ 420
16 Mishor Adumim יוש/ 7/ 2/ 420
17 Mishor Adumim יוש/ 7/ 420/ 58
18 Mishor Adumim יוש/ 8/ 2/ 420
19 Mishor Adumim יוש/ 9/ 1/ 2/ 420

Additionally, the Mishor Adumim industrial settlement is one among 8 other Israeli settlements comprising the Israeli so-called “Ma’ale Adumim settlement bloc[1], which is the largest settlement bloc in the occupied Palestinian territory with a population of more than 61,000 Israeli settlers and occupies more than 13,600 dunums (72.5 km²) of confiscated Palestinian lands from Abu Dis, Ezariya, Isawiya, At Tur, and 'Anata towns. See Table 4

Table 4: the Israeli so-called “Ma’ale Adumim settlement bloc



Settlement Name




Pop. (2014-2015)









Almon (Anatot)






Kfar Adumim






Ma'ale Adumim






Mishr Adumim






Neve Brat (Nofei Prat)






Kedar (Old Kedar)






Mizpe Yedude (New Kedar)







Geo-Informatics Department, ARIJ -2016


The Ma'ale Adumim settlement bloc has always gained the attention of the Israeli Government due to its location inside the Jerusalem Governorate boundaries and its closeness to occupied east Jerusalem. With Israel’s decision to construct the Segregation wall in the occupied West Bank, the Ma’ale Adumim is set to be annexed to Jerusalem along with two other settlement blocs surrounding the city of Jerusalem from northwest (Giv’at Ze’ev) and southwest (Gush Etzion).  See Map 1


Map 1:The Israeli Segregation Wall plan around Ma'ale Adumim settlments bloc


To sum-up,

Settlement building and expansion in the occupied Palestinian territory shows no sign of stopping. The ongoing construction is illegal under international law and represents a fundamental obstacle to the formation of a Palestinian state.

Furthermore, despite international calls for the dismantlement of settlements and stopping settlement activities, Israel continues to plan, build and allocate extensive resources to the settlement industry and continues to take unilateral action and neglect its obligations under international law, and successive peace agreements.


[1] The Maale Adumim settlement bloc is composed of the following settlements: Allon, Kfar Adumim, Kedar, Mitzpe Yedude, Nofei Brat, Maale Adumim, Mishor Adumim and Almon (Anatot). 


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