Israel to expand Tina Omarim colony on Al-Dhahiriya lands

Israel to expand Tina Omarim colony on Al-Dhahiriya lands


  • Violation: expansion works on colony
  • Location:  Al-Dhahiriya town- Hebron governorate
  • Date:  April 21, 2016
  • Perpetrators: Israel Civil Administration
  • Victims:  residents of the town


The so-called Israel Civil Administration approved on April 21, 2016 the master plan number (1/515)  to expand Tina Omarim colony effective. Noteworthy, the expansion will be carried out at the expense of Al-Dhahiriya town lands.

The advertisement was featured on April 21, 2016 in Al-Quds newspaper, page 29. It was issued by the so-called Planning Supreme Council/ Colonization Sub-Committee and was signed by the head of the committee Natalia Afriukh. In specific, the advertisement targeted plots founded in the natural block number 3 from Zanuta lands in Al- Dhahiriya. The plan starts fifteen days from the newspaper issuance, the ad mentioned.


Photo 1: the newspaper advertisement


Photo 2: map of the master plan for Tina colony


Photo 3: the expansion location according to the plan


It should be marked that the Colonization Sub-Committee prepared the master plan for the southwestern side of the colony; more specifically the plots numbers (160-166) to establish new structures and parks and to open new roads. Not only, the ad mentioned that each plot will accommodate a residential unit with special elevations detailed.

About Tina colony:

The colony was established in 1983 on lands from the Hebron town of Al-Dhahiriya. It should be marked that the Gosh Amonim settlements organization is responsible of Tina. With at total area of 509.23 dunums, Tina holds the plan number 515 and accommodates 423 colonists in 550 residential units.


Photo 4: expansion works in 2012


Photo 5: expansion works in 2013



Photos 6-8: expansion works in 2015


Expansions occur at the expense of confiscated Palestinian lands that are founded nearby colonies.  For example, the occupation forces target AL-Dhahiriya residential communities namely  (Al-Rahwa and Zanuta) with stop-work and demolition orders while the Israeli government approves expansion on nearby colony of Tina.

It should be indicated that the so-called Israel Nature Authority confiscated 2600 dunums  from Al-Dhahiriya town  in the beginning of 2016 and declared them "state lands".


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