Israeli Occupation Forces uproot 120 olive trees in Salfit governorate

Israeli Occupation Forces uproot 120 olive trees in Salfit governorate


  • Violation: uprooting trees
  • Location:  Wad Qana area- Salfit
  • Date:  February 15, 2016
  • Perpetrators: Israel Nature Authority
  • Victims:  Farmer Hosni Mansour


A massive force from Israel Nature Authority and Israeli Army raided on February 15, 2016 the area known as "Al-Mayadeen" in Wad Qana and uprooted 120 olive trees. Noteworthy, 80 saplings were planted five years ago by Palestine Ministry of Agriculture where the rest were  planted by the beginning of 2016.

 Israel Nature Authority claimed that the land is classified as "natural reserve". The uprooted seedlings were moved to the nearby colony of Karni Shomron via military trucks.

It should be marked that farmer Hosni Mansour received the "evection order" number 2210 on his land on November 05, 2015.


Photo 1: the eviction order






Photos 2-4: Wad Qana area, Karni Shomron colony and Hosni's targeted land



It is reported that the targeted land and trees belong to farmer Hosni Mansour from the nearby town of Deir Istiya. Despite the ownership document the farmer has on the land, harassment and attacks of Israeli army occurred almost every day. Not only, the army transformed the area into national park to serve colonists while Palestinian owners of the lands cannot neither access their properties nor use and benefit from them.

Al-Mayadeen area is considered a hot spot of Israeli army attacks and colonists violence. During February and March 2016, tens of olive trees were uprooted from the land of Hasan Mansour; the brother of the affected farmer's from today's attack.

Since 1967, Israeli Occupation Forces declared the area of Wad Qana (10,000 dunums) as a natural reserve, where Palestinian are banned from using the area whatsoever. Not only, the Israeli Occupation filled the area with colonies, which did not stop expanding ever since that date. Hundreds of agricultural dunums were stolen from Palestinian for the sake of expanding the existing colonies in Wad Qana. Other massive areas were taken to open roads and networks to connect all colonies of the area one with the other.

Over the past couple of years, the Israeli occupation issued a series of military orders to confiscate hundreds of other dunums from Wad Qana for the favor of expanding Yakir and Revava colonies at the expense of Palestinian private lands.



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