Israeli colonies spread all over Palestinian lands as cancer

Israeli colonies spread all over Palestinian lands as cancer


A big number of Israeli colonies spread all over the areas of the West Bank and Jerusalem; locations are reported to be finely selected to have an overlooking positions and spectacular scenery. Noteworthy, the confiscated lands for colonial expansion are linking points between Palestinian villages and cities; Israel takes such lands to cut the geographic connection among Palestinian cities and small towns.

It should be marked that tens of checkpoints and watchtowers were established for the sake of protecting the existing colonies and maintaining their safety. Also, the apartheid wall was established in the same time to confiscate thousands of dunums and isolate others behind its structure. This made Palestinians unable to use their lands adjacent to colonies’ peripheries and made it easy to colonists to take over such lands to be used for colonial expansion.

Colonies’ expansion goes through a process of bids and tenders advertised in newspapers to build thousands of residential units. Such plans are most of the times approved by the government while Palestinians are still denied construction on their lands under “security purposes” claims.  Noteworthy, Adhan “the call for prayer” was also denied in some areas under the claim of “causing noise”. 

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