Enav colonists torch wheat crops in the Tulkarm village of Kfar Al-Labad

Enav colonists torch wheat crops in the Tulkarm village of Kfar Al-Labad


  • Violation:  torching crops
  • Location:  Kfar Al-Labad- Tulkarm
  • Date: 15/06/2015
  • Perpetrators: Enav colonists
  • Victims:  farmer Naser Jbara


 A group of colonists from Enav colony on June 15, 2015 sneaked into the plot of Citizen Naser Jbara (63) in the area of Ras Shomar, east Kfra Al-Labad and set fire to it.

It should be marked that colonists set piles of hay and other crops on fire, which the farmer spent long time harvesting. The fire reached out all of the crops causing them full damage; farming is Jbara family’s (9 members including 4 children) source of livelihood.

According to the data of Tulkarm Ministry of Agriculture, damage reached out the harvest of 30 dunums of wheat and 20 dunums of vetch.



Photos 1-4: the burned down piles


Citizen Naser, about the incident, told a researcher from Land Research Center the following: “At 9:00 p.m., a relative of mine phone called me and said that my plot is on fire; my family and I headed to the location quickly.  Coordination with fire brigade was made at the moment; I was surprised to see my crops, which I worked over five days to harvest, on fire; nothing was left intact. My land is of 50 dunums in area and I’ve always planted it with wheat and vetch”.

It should be marked that the village of Kfar Al-Labad is going under constant attacks and violations carried out by colonists of Hefetz and Enav that are located in the nearby.

About Kfar Al-Labad:

9km to the east of the governorate and 2km to west of Anabta, the area of Kfar Al-Labad is relative to Tulkarm. The village is edged by the villages of Ramin, Anabta, Beit Lid, Safarin, Shufa, Dhanaba (source: Kfar Al-Labad village council). It totals 11,917 dunums in area, of which 732 dunums are the village’s built-up area; the village is inhabited by 4,074 people (Unit of Geographical Information System- Land Research Center)



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