The occupation puts hand on 100 dunums to expand the outpost of El Matan in Wad Qana

The occupation puts hand on 100 dunums to expand the outpost of El Matan in Wad Qana


Violation: legitimizing the outpost of El Matan

Date: 02/10/2014

Location: Wad Qana / Salfit governorate

Perpetrators: the Civil Administration of the Israeli occupation

Victims: farmers of Wad Qana


Haaretz newspaper featured an advertisement, on October 2d 2014, ratifying a master plan for El Matan outpost, which was established in 2000 nearby the natural reserve named Nahal Kanna on the lands of Wad Qana. According to the master plan, 100 dunums will be confiscated from Wad Qana for the favor of that outpost. Land status will be changed  from agricultural to a built-up as a result.

The outpost is located atop of a hill in the heart of Wad Qana; it overlooks a  number of water springs for which the area is famous namely ( al-Fawwara spring and al-Jouza spring). Those lands belong to farmers from the town of Deir Istiya.


 Photo 1-2:El Matan located atop of a hill

El Matan outpost: A means to displace the farmers of Was Qana

It should be marked that El Matan started in 2000 at time when the occupation imposed restrictions on farmers movement from and to the area under security reason as claimed by the occupation. Not only famers were denied access to their agricultural lands but colonists attacked Palestinian  lands cutting off and uprooting seedlings of different types.

In synchronization with the aforementioned, a group of Shomron colonists confiscated a vast area overlooking olive groves and water springs. A number of caravans were set up in the area, which was provided with water and electricity though pipes and wires. Not only that, a network of roads was planed and worked on as a first step to establish the outpost of El Matan.

Since that date and until today, El Matan has been a major factor in limiting the Palestinian presence in the area. Colonists of that outpost carried out a number of violations and attacks on farmers represented in uprooting big number of seedlings and trees. Noteworthy, the colony is inhabited by 20 fanatic family in caravans under intense protection of the Israeli army.

A plan to pin down the colonial presence in the Wad Qana:

It should be marked that occupation has been conducting the double standards policy since it fought against the Palestinian presence in Wad Qana through damaging agricultural lands, cutting off trees, and confiscating agricultural equipment where it  notably encouraged colonial expansion and land grab. The area has become an aggrieved one since it is surrounded by 10 colonies from all directions controlling vast area of land.

The natural resources also became a target for the occupation and colonists as well. Archeological places in addition to water spring have been a primary interest for the occupation to control and monopolize. As a result, more than 12 families had to sleep under  the trees in the open to protect their lands from any attack by colonists.

The occupation, in coordination with the Council of Israeli Colonies "Shomron", plans to implement a roads network, which serves an colonial expansion and more lands confiscation. This step came to Judaize Wad Qana which is about 10000 dunums. Noteworthy, too many restrictions were imposed on farmers in regard of accessing their lands and using them.


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