The Israeli occupation confiscates a quarry equipments from al-Shuyukh village

The Israeli occupation confiscates a quarry equipments from al-Shuyukh village


Violation: expropriating the equipments of a quarry

Date: 27/10/2014

Location: al-Shuyukh / Hebron

Perpetrators: the forces of the occupation and the Civil Administration

Victim: al-Taqadum company for stones and marble


The authorities of the occupation confiscated on October 27th 2014 some equipment from al-Taqadum company for stones and marble in the area of al-Za'faran, east of al-Shuyukh village in Hebron.

A responsible from the company Ibrahim al-Za'arir stated that a force of the occupation army accompanied by a white Toyota raided the quarry at 10:30 a.m. and detained the workers for five hours. Meanwhile, soldiers started a bulldozer and a digger belonging to the company and drove them to Asfer colony which is 1km to the east of al-Za'faran area.

 In addition, soldiers confiscated a Daf truck from a near quarry owned by a citizen from Hebron known as Abu al-Aas , which they brought to al-Taqadum company. In this time, soldiers expropriated a stone cutter and moved both , the truck and the cutter, to Asfer colony in the nearby.

Al-Za'arir asserted that the occupation ordered Abu al-Aas to drive the bulldozer to the colony because the soldier failed at this mission, hitting the bulldozer to the rocks on both sides of the road. At the colony, Abu al-Aas was given a "confiscation minute" of the objects expropriated from him. Noteworthy, the citizen was not served any stop work order before and was surprised for what has happened with him regarding the confiscation. When asking about the reason, soldiers advised the citizen to visit the Civil Administration in the colony of Kfar Etzion. The Civil Administration, as a matter of fact, imposed a (14221INS) fine on the citizen as per restoring his equipment and pledging not to work again in the quarry.

It should be marked that al-Taqadum is a registered company, which is  located in the town of al-Samu'. The company rented a 2 dunums plot on January 2014 in the area of al-Za'faran to extract stones form.

Al-Za'arir pointed out the excavations reached only 7m, which is the needed level to start extracting stones, and that is when the occupation came to shut down the work in the quarry. As a result, the company had to shut down and five workers became jobless.

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