A number of structures demolished in Jenin

A number of structures demolished in Jenin


Violation: craft workshops destroyed in Jenin
Location: Bart’a village/ Jenin governorate
Date: 06/08/2014
Perpetrators: the army of the Israeli occupation
Victims: two families from Bart’a


At morning of August, 06, 2014, the occupation forces torn down a number of craft workshops and commercial facilities in the village of Bart’a, west Jenin governorate. It should be marked that the occupation justified the demolition under the pretext of unlicensed construction within area classified C according to Oslo Accords. The following table shows the affected people from the demolitions:

The affected citizen



Nature of the structure


Mohammad Qabha



Car repair shop

Third time demolished

Raslan Amarneh



Car repair shop

Third time demolished






Non-stop demolitions:

The secretary of Bart’a village council Ahmad Qabha to the LRC observer stated that: “The eastern village of Bart’a, east of Jenin city, has always been target by the Israeli occupation. According to the village council data, the numbers of stop work and demolition orders have preceded 128 since 2010 where 17 structures were destroyed so far. The occupation seemed to conduct an ethnic cleansing policy in that area to achieve its plans”.

The occupation refused the licensing applications in Bart’a:

The member of the village council Ibrahim Qabha, about Israelis’ policy in accepting licensing application, to the LRC observer stated that:

“The village council, in coordination with the legal department of Jenin governorate, put all efforts to get licenses for the village structures. As requested from the Israeli side, all papers and documents were filed and ready to be submitted but the truth is that the occupation refuses all the Palestinian licensing applications. Structures end up being leveled to the ground despite all attempts”.

A plan to empty the village and paralyze it financially:

The occupation protocols seem to aim at emptying the village, which has been segregated by the apartheid wall, of its people and depriving it form infrastructure services. That was done by forcing people out of their homes. Residents of the town have been undergoing true humiliation at times of getting in and out the village via its main gate.


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