Plans to Expand Bruchin Colony

Plans to Expand Bruchin Colony


Violation: Advertisement about a deposit of an expansion plan in regard to the Israeli colony of Bruchin
Location: Villages and towns of Kafr ad-Dik, Bruqin, and Sarta- Salfit governorate  
Date: 20/06/2014
Perpetrators: The so-called Supreme Council of Planning/ Settlement Sub-Committee


On June 20, 2014, al- Quds Newspaper featured an announcement by the so-called Supreme Council of Planning/ Settlement Sub-Committee of the Israeli Civil Administration about the deposit of a detailed master plan no. (3/913) which includes amendments about the use of the confiscated land surrounding Bruchin colony.

According to the announcement, the plan will affect these towns and villages:

  1. Kafr ad-Dik town; natural block no.2 that is known as Khirbet Susiya.
  2. Bruqin town; natural block no.2 that is known as Khirbet al-Fakher.
  3. Sarta village; natural block no.2 that is known as al-Wajh al-Qabli.

Picture 1: The featured ad on the newspaper

The plan is an attempt to legitimize colonial expansion:

According to the ad, the plan includes devouring tenths of agricultural dunums located within the security zone of Bruchin colony as well as changing the land use from agricultural purposes to colonial activities. For the sake of expanding Bruchin, the plan proposes using the land for construction in areas (A,B,C) and establishment of trade centers, public gardens and facilities. An expansion of the industrial area in the western side of Bruchin is also planned.

The scheme also includes plans to open colonial roads that serve any structural or expansive activities the colony will undergo.

Salfit is under imminent threat:

Ms. Suha Salih, head of the legal department in the governorate of Salfit, had the following to say to LRC field observer:

"Salfit, specifically the legal department, is following up on the tenders and bids proposed by the Israeli occupation as tenths of these tenders are designated for the expansion of the colonies on the West Bank on the account of Palestinian lands."

Salih confirmed that: "Many cases were won and land was regained by its legitimate owners. The government of Salfit and specialized authorities are working hand in hand to defy land theft and Judaization. The case of Bruchin colony will be observed closely."

 Judaization of Khirbet Susiya:

An interview was conducted with the mayor of Kafr ad-Dik municipality, Mr. Jamal ad-Dik, as part of LRC's follow-up of the case. Ad-Dik stated the following: "Kafr ad-Dik is under imminent danger, especially from its northern and eastern sides. That makes Khirbet Susiya among the threatened areas with confiscation and Judaization."

Mr. Ad-Dik assured that: "Khirbet Susiya has its special status as a historic and Roman monument. It contains a Roman cemetery, palace and water canals. The place has its own character and value which the Israeli occupation is trying ardently to distort by Judaizing the area and preparing to annex it to nearby colonies."

The Israeli expansion plans in historical places are a flagrant violation of international laws and conventions, especially the Fourth Geneva Convention that warns from approaching historical sites at the time of war. But Israel does not respect to any of these conventions.

Bruchin was built in 1999 on west-northern Bruqin lands as a small colony. After the Second Intifada in 2000, the colony began drastically expanding. Colonists confiscated lands and denied farmers access to their lands and took advantage of the turmoil and the security belt surrounding colonies to expand the colony. The then Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, encouraged colonists to seize as much land as they could and build random colonies. The successive Israeli governments encouraged the same policy.

Bruchin was named after Bruqin village on which the colony was built. The colony's area –until 2009- was 480 dunums and its built-up area was 266 dunums. After 2009, the colony ever expanded as colonists are offered protection and security and allowed to confiscate lands, harass farmers, and attack trees. 




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