Turning an agricultural area into a closed archaeological site in Fasayil El-Wista

Turning an agricultural area into a closed archaeological site in Fasayil El-Wista


Violation:  agricultural lands adjoined to archeological site in Jericho
Date: May 04, 2014
Location: Fasayil el-Wista
Perpetrators: Civil Administration of the Israeli occupation
Victims: residents of the village


The village has always been a target for colonial plans. 17 km away from Jericho, the villagers have not been safe from the expelling attempts that in this regard served at the so called the Jordan Valley Annexation to the state of Israel.

It is marked that the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities pined directory signs stating “an inaccessible archeological site” written in Hebrew and Arabic in the southern part of Fasayil el-Wista. Noteworthy, the aforementioned area is located nearby the bypass road no.90 and is considered a shelter for Bedouins for what it has of land fertility spread on 50dunums which is in other words the only source of living available for residents.

The legal consultant of Jericho governorate Mr Hani Zoubidat, in regard to the occupation plan, stated: “in the beginning of the current year, the occupation embarked unidentifiable excavation works in the village where all roads were shut down as a result. The pretext came under finding some archeological antiquities in the area that the occupation most probably refers to them as Jewish.


Photos 1-2: the pined directory signs

Zoubidat also added: “the only victim in this process is the residents of the village for the occupation took over their fertile agricultural lands. The ravaging acts gave the occupation the chance to expel around 680 Bedouin residents. Noteworthy, the occupation denied the residents of the village as opposed to the village itself”.

 Additionally, Jericho minister of Local Government , Ismael Abu Khrabish to LRC asserted that: “Israel raced time to distort facts and history and to loot the natural resources of the Palestinian al-Ghoor for the favor of Judaizing the area. The occupation aimed at convincing the world that it had a history in this very place which would justify its presence in al-Ghoor areas. In synchronization with the aforementioned, the occupation continued confiscating lands, expelling people out of their homes and banning them from using these lands. The core of that intense plan was implemented in the village of Fasayil.

 It is notable that the targeted area totals around 50 agricultural dunums  that are inhabited by six Bedouin families destined to forcefully leave their residences.

About the town:

Fasayil is an object of recurrent demolition and evacuation operations by the Israeli occupation. They are also deprived from the basic services like water and electricity. They are forced to buy water, 15 NIS for a 1 m3 . People of Fasayil are drained by poverty, hunger and the nonstop Israeli attacks.

Fasayil is 23 km north of Jericho and its built-up area is 194 dunums only.

It has a population of 1132 (according to Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics in 2010). It is surrounded by a number of illegal Israeli colonies that limit the expansion of the village and deprive its inhabitants from having a normal life. 

From the north, Fasayil is surrounded by colonies of Yafit and Pezael (Fezael), Tomer and Gilgal and Netiv Hagedud from the south in addition to a bypass that links the northern colonies with the southern ones. 



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