Three tents confiscated by the Israeli occupation in Aqraba town in Nablus Governorate

Three tents confiscated by the Israeli occupation in Aqraba town in Nablus Governorate


Violation: the occupation puts hand on three tents in Nablus

Date: May18, 2014

Location: Aqraba town- Nablus governorate

Victims: three families from Aqraba



Khirbet al-Taweel, east Aqraba town in Nablus governorate, witnessed a series of systematic targeting by the Israeli occupation. On May18, 2014, a massive force of the Israeli occupation accompanied by the Israeli Planning Committee raided the Khirbet and confiscated three tents that are gifted by the Palestinian Red Cross. It is worth mentioning that the tents were installed to shelter people who had their houses demolished in the area.

It is marked that the occupation forced the resident to leave the tents before they dismantled them. The three tents belong to the families of Citizens Mohammad Bani Fadil( 7 members) ,Anwar bani Fadil (10 members) and Ossama Bani Fadil (11 membes) .

Photo1: the residential tents before the confiscation


It should be mentioned that the targeted families had their barracks and houses demolished twice in less than a month. A mosque, barns and houses were demolished in previous times in the Khirbet including May12, 2014 and June29, 2014.

Geographically, al-Taweel is part of Aqraba town and is inhabited by 27 families that are composed of 168 members not the nomadic Bedouins as believed. The lands on which they live are inherited by their grandfathers.           

Khirbet al-Taweel:

 It is considered part of the eastern Aqraba town to the southeast of Nablus city, more specifically, in the natural block no. 10 of Aqraba’s agricultural lands. It is 1.5km away from the built-up area of the town.

Khirbet al- Taweel has 30000 dunums of agricultural and pastoral lands, 8000 dunums of which are arid mountains and sand lands. There are also 15000 arable dunums and 7000 dunums that are subject to colonial activities and colonies establishment.

al-Taweel has a population of 800 people and is part of Aqraba lands that totals 51,441 dunums1350 of which are built-up area and nine dunums that belong to al-Taweel.

Khirbet al-Taweel is composed of four small Islamic and Roman smaller Khirbets namely Tal Al Khashaba, Mrasal-deen, and Al- Arqan. There are several old wells spread over the agricultural lands proving that the town was anciently inhabited. The moderate climate of winter ensures best plantation and abundant pastures which have encouraged farmers to use the land and even reside in it. There is not even a single farmer who does not have an agricultural land in this town.

The occupation confiscated 2218 dunums of Aqraba lands for the favor of the following:

1087 dunums were confiscated for the favor of Jetit, (established in 1973 and populates up to 119 colonists) and Itmar (established in 1948 and populates up to557 colonists)

743 dunums for the favor of opening bypass roads no. (505,508)

398 dunums for the favor of establishing Israeli military camps

According to Oslo Accords, Aqraba lands are classified as the following:

16253 dunums area classified area “B”

35188 dunums area classified area “C”

Noteworthy, most parts of the lands classified area “C” are used for the sake of military training.




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