Stop-work orders on a number of structures in Yatta

Stop-work orders on a number of structures in Yatta


Violation: Orders to stop construction in a clinic, house and a barn 
Location: Khirbet ad-Daqiqa, Yatta town- Hebron governorate
Date: 05/02/2014
Perpetrators: The Civil Administration of the Israeli occupation
Victims: People of ad-Daqiqa


Mr. Awda Al-Naja, head of Khirbet ad-Daqiqa town council, testified that the Israeli occupation authorities had targeted a residence,  health clinic and a barn for livestock breeding with three stop-work- and -construction orders. On February 05, officers of the Civil Administration raided the Khirbet where they delivered the orders to three citizens. The orders stated that the buildings lack a building permit and thus an immediate termination of any construction work is a must. A court session of the Inspection Sub-Committee would be assigned on March 05 in order to consider whether to "demolish the structures or return them to their previous status."

The orders targeted the following structures:

  1. Ad-Daqiqa health clinic: Built a year ago, the clinic is a tent made of plastic shed and iron poles and serves the people of Khirbet ad-Daqiqa, estimated to be around 300 people.

Picture 1: The stop-work order on the clinic

  1. A house belonging  Mashur Amir that was built with metal slabs in 2000. It has an area of 70m2 and shelters Amir's 8-member family, including 6 children.     

Picture 2: The order on Amir's residence

  1. A barn owned by Adnan Ka'abna which was built in 2010 with an area of 20msq.

Picture 3: The notification on Ka'abna's structure


It is worth mentioning that Khirbet ad-Daqiqa is located within the suburbs of Yatta town whose residents are threatened of evacuation by the Israeli occupation.



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 The Land Research Center

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