Israeli Colonists Demolish a Residence in Kisan

Israeli Colonists Demolish a Residence in Kisan

Violation: Destroying a house that is under construction

Location: Umm Zutina- Kisan village- Bethlehem governorate

Date: 28/01/2014

Perpetrators: Colonists of Maale Amos and Ibei Hanachal

Victims: A citizen named Yacoub  Ghazal and his 13-member family  



A group of Israeli colonists known as "price tag" group embarked on demolishing a house whose area is 100 m2 and is under construction in what is considered a dangerous and unprecedented move. Colonists usually carry out attacks against Palestinian structures- they seize houses; throw stones and/or chemical weapons and/or sewage; and write offensive slogans for example. But to carry out a demolition operation without any legal deterrent is considered the first of its kind. This colonists' action is not only a blatant violation of the Palestinian rights, but is also a challenge to the government of Israel along with its laws and army. Unless handled with seriousness, this dangerous onslaught could cause a security breakdown in the whole region. Colonists would not dare carry out such an action unless they are sure that the Israeli army provides them with cover and protection.


Ghazal's house destroyed at the hands of colonists:


On a 5-dunum patch of land in Kisan, Yacoub  Ghazal took on building a 1-storey house to shelter his 13-member family. And while Ghazal was heading into his residence at early morning as usual, he was shocked to see it reduced into rubble. He stood still in front of the wreckage not knowing what to do. He kept staring at the damage while his mind drifted into his family and all the lost efforts he put to erect the now destroyed structure. 


Head of Kisan village council, Mr. Hussein Ghazal, stated to an LRC observer that: "As usual, colonists have to steal happiness from Palestinians by carrying out hostile attacks. Their continuous attacks on Kisan in particular aim to seize lands in order to expand their outposts. They expect that by doing so they are demoralizing Kisan's people's determination and spirits so they will leave their lands. It is on the contrary! All the colonists' actions only solidify people's stance and make them more steadfast."        




Scenes of the damage inflicted upon Yacoub Ghazal's residence – Kisan/ Bethlehem






Located 18km south of Bethlehem, Kisan village is surrounded by Tuqu' (north), Sa'ir (west), the Dead Sea (east), Arab ar Rashayda/ Sa'ir/ Al Buweib (south). Kisan has a population of 560 people (till 2012). It has a total area of 133,278 dunums- 88,7 of which are built-up area. The Israeli occupation confiscated 2201 dunums of Kisan lands to build the following colonies:

  • Maale Amos which was built in 1981 and devoured 320dunums of Kisan. It is inhabited by 299 colonists.
  • Mizpe Shalem which was built in 1971 and confiscated 396 dunums. 193 colonists live in that colony.
  • Mizpe Shalem B which was built in 1980 and stole 58 dunums.
  • Ibei Hanachal outpost which confiscated 166 dunums of Kisan. 

Israeli Bypass road number 90 devoured more than 1000 dunums.


According to Oslo Accords, 11% of Kisan is considered nature reserve while 40% is under Area B (PA is in charge of civil matters with Israel responsible for security). However, most of the village lands (49%) is under Area C (Israel maintains full security and administrative control). Here are the area in dunums:

  • Land considered natural preserve (24.480) dunums
  • Area B (88.5) dunums
  • Area C (108.455) dunums




Source: Geographic Information System- Monitoring Israeli Violations Team- Land Research Center







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