Expansions in the Colonies of Avigal and Shima

Expansions in the Colonies of Avigal and Shima




Violation: expansion of two Israeli colonies on Palestinian lands.

Date: by the beginning of 2013.

Location: Yatta amd Adh Dhariyya – Hebron.

Perpetrators:  colonists of Avigal and Shima.




Colonists of Avigal expanded the boundaries of the colony by adding a mobile home and house to the east of the colony. The house was built on confiscated lands, property of the Palestinian families of Mohammad and Jabareen. It is worthy to mention that colonists opened a road and laid foundation for new residences in the area in June, 2012.






Meanwhile, expansions in the south eastern side of the colony of Shima has been reported. Construction is currently ongoing in 7 new structures while foundation is being laid for many others.


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