Expansions in Karmi Zur Colony

Expansions in Karmi Zur Colony




Violation: construction of a colonial outpost.

Date: starting from 2013.

Location: Halhul, Hebron.

Perpetrators: colonists of Karmi Zur.

Victim: Khalil abu Dayya.




Expansions have been witnessed in Karmi Zur in recent weeks; colonists captured Palestinian private land, property of Khalil abu Dayya and placed 7 mobile homes in them; also, eyewitnesses said that they have seen another building being raised in the area.


Picture 1: expansion in Karmi Zur


In 2001, colonists of karmi Zur established an outpost as part of the colony, they named it Zur Shalom. Zur Shalom was subject to further expansion when the 7 mobile homes were added early in 2013.


Picture 2-3: Zur Shalom


Said Madya, a Palestinian writer, said that the owner of the land filed an official complaint against the colonists who took over his land and built on it.


Picture 4-5: the complaint


He added that the colonists uprooted 30 olive trees in the area.



Picture 6: uprooted trees





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