Eviction orders for 40 dunums in Yatta

Eviction orders for 40 dunums in Yatta


Violation: Sending eviction orders for agricultural lands  
Date: 03/04/2013
Location: Khallet Ad Daba’- Yatta- Hebron governorate
Perpetrators: The Israeli occupation army and Civil Administration
Victims: Ali Dababseh and his children and grandchildren
On 03/04/2013, the Israeli occupation authorities sent orders to evict a 40-dunum land in Khallet Ad Daba’. A car of the Civil Administration broke in the land of Dababseh and placed the orders there.



Pictures 1-6: The eviction orders to Dababseh



The orders asked Dababseh to "leave land and return it to its previous status within 45 days starting from the day of receiving the order." Dababseh owns 110 dunums of land and he has recently started reclaiming part of it. This is the same targeted part by the Israeli occupation and is 40 dunums in area.




 Pictures 7-10: The targeted land

The land is planted with 540 olive trees and 30 almond trees. Dababseh planted his land in 2010. He also renovated 2 water wells; dug 2 caves used as tool sheds; and fenced the reclaimed land with barbed wires.




Pictures 11-14: The caves and wells in the targeted land

Dababseh explained that he reclaimed his land in order to be a source of income to his children and grandchildren. The profits of it are expected to benefit 100 people in the family. Dabaseh pointed out that the Israeli authorities aim at using his land for the benefit of colonies and colonists.  


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