Placing a Mobile Home in Palestinian Private Property

Placing a Mobile Home in Palestinian Private Property




Violation: placing a mobile home in a Palestinian field and banning the owners from accessing it.

Location: Tqu’ – Bethlehem.

Date: January 15, 2013.

Perpetrators: colonists of Nikudim.

Victim: Muhammad Sabbah.




On January 15, 2013, a group of Israeli colonists placed a mobile home in a plot located to the east of Tqu’ village. A member of Tqu’ Municipality stated: ‘the purpose of the aggression is capturing more Palestinian lands and expanding the colony.. On January 3, a group of colonists attacked some farmers and literally kicked them out of their lands; they even threatened them with guns. The owners clashed with the colonists but were forced to withdraw when the Israeli Police interfered in favor of the colonists’.


A glimpse on Tqu’:


Tqu’ is an old Canaanite name which meant ‘placing of tents’; the crusaders called it ‘Thecua’ as it was one of their strongholds in Bethlehem area. Tqu’ has a great deal of Roman, Greek, and Mamluke ruins considering its strategic location.


One of the most significant ruins is the ‘baptism basin’ which is a stony artifact that has been cut and formed. It represents a number of Christian sects. It is believed that the artifact has been made around the 1750s; it is also believed that this is one part of a two-part artifact; the second part’s location is unknown.


Tqu’ is surrounded by 5 Israeli colonies including Tquah, AlDavid, Nikudim, in addition to two other colonies to the south, Mizpe Shalim and Mushki Dar Got.


Tqu’ total area is 9 km2; its actual borders extends to the east reaching the Dead Sea making its area 80 km2. It is inhabited by 8565 people.



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