The Israeli occupation erodes most of Jalud’s village/ Nablus

The Israeli occupation erodes most of Jalud’s village/ Nablus



  • Violation: Israeli settlement expansion erodes most of Jalud Village

  • Location: east side of the village

  • Date: 1 December 2012

As the date set for the Israeli kenenest election in the coming January is getting closer, the Israeli occupation, under its current right wing government, keeps with its violations against Palestinians as a part of the settlement expansions, in order to show how strongly they are attached to some of their settlement blocs which they strongly consider as a part of Israel and refuse to put it as a part of any compromise with the Palestinians.




In the first December 2012, settlers began to move a number of their mobile houses near  Jalud’s village south of Nablus. At least 4 mobile houses were moved to the settler outpost of  ‘Yesh Kodish’ and  6 mobile houses were moved ‘Ahya’ . Moreover,  ‘Adi Aad’ settler outpost is witnessing another kind of expansion by taking over the farming lands surrounding it thus the settlers is using the Palestinian farmers inability to get to their lands in order to randomly expand within it.


It is worth noting that most of North and South of Jalud’s land now is overtaken by the settlement surrounding it (Shelo, Shevot, Rahel, Adi Aad) and the settelers outpost of (Kodish , Keda, Haya). These gatherings are real danger to the Arab population of Jalud’s village thus they have caused the confiscation of over 1200 Acres and turning about 12000 acres (90% of the village) into closed military areas in order to protect the settlers surrounding it thus Jalud’s school is considered to be the borders between the Israeli settlers and its Arab population. This, however, caused the village to become completely isolated from its surrounding, in addition to affecting the land’s fertility and making the Arab population living under a continues threat due to the Israeli  settlers violent practices against them.




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