An Israeli Decision to Turn Lands Located behind the Segregation Wall into State Property

An Israeli Decision to Turn Lands Located behind the Segregation Wall into State Property


Violation: an Israeli decision to turn lands located behind the segregation wall into ‘State Property’.

location: Bartaa.

date: October 10, 2012.

perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Army.

victims: Abdul Kader Kabaha.






The Israelis took a dangerous step when they decided to turn a plot located behind the segregation wall into state property; depriving the owner from his right to own land. The step is a proof that the Israeli laws and regulations are placed to serve colonization in the West Bank.


The Israelis used old documents which were forged by a colonists to proof that the lands were property of the ‘British Mandate’, thus, automatically became state properties. However, the truth is that the lands were registered as Kabaha property in the records of the Jordanian Treasury, which was in control of the West Bank after the end of the British mandate.


Head of Bartaa Village Council, Ghassan Kabaha, said: ‘the story began two years ago when a colonists of Rihan colony captured the lands which is 10 dunums in area; the owner sued the colonist and won the case in the Israeli Courts. The Court ordered the colonist to evacuate the land but the owner was shocked to see the colonist laying his hands on the plot once again after being able, somehow, to register the land as state property. The Court ruling in the case said that the plot was state property during the Jordanian control of the West Bank, thus, they are registered either as absentees property or Jordanian State Property.


However, the lawyer received a call from a clerk in the Court informing him that after further investigation, it was revealed that the plot was registered in the British records meaning that they automatically become Israeli State property saying that the decision was made on August 29, 2011.’


He pointed that the date was the date the colonist captured the plot the first time saying that this is illegal even according to Israeli military laws imposed on the West Bank. The lands were registered as Israeli state property, dealing with it as if it was part of the lands occupied in 1948, what is known now as Israel.


Tt is worthy to mention the Bartaa was isolated behind the wall in 2003; the locals have to pass an Israeli controlled gate to go in or out of the village while thousands of dunums of their lands has become unreachable. The locals are afraid that it is a step towards capturing all of the isolated lands.




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