Extension of Control over Palestinian Lands in Kafr Jammal village

Extension of Control over Palestinian Lands in Kafr Jammal village



Violation: notifications to modify ‘borders’ for 6.9 dunums.

Location: Khallit abu Hasan – Kafr Jammal, Qalqiliyya.

Date: August 28, 2012.





On August 28, 2012, The Israeli Occupation Authorities handed Kaf Jammal Municipal Council a military order extending the Israeli control over 1.4 dunums of land located in Khallit abu hasan area behind the wall and nearby Kohav Ya’ir colony. The order, entitled laying hand over lands – extension and border modifications, and numbered (T/86/02) is an extension of capturing lands which were taken over in 2002 for building a helipad for the former Israeli PM, Eihud Barak who lives in the colony.




Picture 1-3: the military order



Kafr Jammal – an overview:


Kafr Jammal is located 15 km to the south of TulKarm, adjacent to the road connecting TulKarm with Qalqiliyya. Its total area is 14900 dunums including 480 dunums of built-up area. The village lost over 3000 dunums of its lands due to the construction of the wall; these lands, which are isolated now, have become a target for colonists who attempt to capture them and use them as their own. The village is inhabited by 2980 people who rely mostly on agriculture in their living while most of the people live under the poverty line.



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