Eviction Orders In Wad Fukin

Eviction Orders In Wad Fukin



Violation: eviction orders for 30 dunums of agricultural lands.

Location: Wadi Fukin – Bethlehem.

Date: September 11, 2012.

Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Army – the Civil Administration of Jehovah and Samaria – the Central Inspection Committee.

Victims: Sabri Manasra and the sones of Juma Assaf.




On September 11, 2012, the Israeli Occupation Army issued eviction orders for huge areas in Wad Fukin. According to the GIS Unit at LRC, based on the enclosed maps, the orders are designated for 30 dunums while 45 other dunums might face the same fate.


The orders issued by the Israeli Occupation Army – the Civil Administration of Jehovah and Samaria – the Central Inspection Committee – called the owners for ‘evicting the lands and return to the status quo within 45 days of the date of the orders or they will be forcefully evicted on their own expense’.


Owners of the lands:


Sabri Manasra, the sole supporter of a 10-member-family: he was shocked to find eviction order number (28/12) which targets his entire field, located in Khallit Arar in Wadi Fukin.


The field is 17 dunums in area and is planted with 500 olive seedlings and 700 citrus and prunus seedlings.  The plot is fenced and separated by an unpaved road from areas occupied in 1948.  The frustrated Sabri embarked on the issuance of documents needed for objection. Gayyath Nasser, an attorney of law, was assigned to defend the case in Israeli Courts.



Photo 1& 2: Photo copy of the order served to citizen Sabri Manasra



Picture 3-4: an overview of Sabri’s field



The sons of Juma Assaf:


Two eviction orders numbers (29/12) and (30/12) were found in their 60-dunum-field located in Al Bas area of Wadi Fukin which edges the ‘green line’. The field is planted with 50 olive and 100 prunus and citrus trees and holds a 10-m3-cistern within. The first orders called for the eviction of 1.7 dunums while the second called for the eviction of further 11.82 dunums. Mahmoad Assaf said: ‘we won’t stand still, this is our land and the land of our father; it is our inheritance, we can’t just give it away‘. Currently, the family is trying to acquire all the needed documents before the end of the appeal period.




Photos 5, 6 & 7: Eviction orders to the Assafs




Photo 8 & 9: Targeted lands



Picture 10: the cistern



Ayed Manasra: he found military order number 0669 thrown in his field, located in Shib Rumi near the main road of Wadi Fukin; the order called for the eviction of 9.2 dunums of his lands.



Picture 11: military order 0669


Wad Fukin Location:


It is located 13 km to the south west of Bethlehem. It edges the armistice line of 1948. It is also edged by a number of Palestinian villages, Al Kabu (north), a village that was evicted in 1948 and replaced by Bitar Ilit colony, Nahhalin (east), Husan (north east), Al Jab’a (south).


Area and population:


Wadi Fukin is a small Palestinian village inhabited by only 1198 people. Its total area is 12,000 dunums, owned by its current populates or the refugees who fled after the Israeli conquest in 1948. The Israelis captured 8,300 dunums in 1948 and 700 dunums for the expansion of Bitar Ilit. Now, the built-up area in the village is less than 250 dunums.



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