Colonists Capture Lands in al Khader

Colonists Capture Lands in al Khader


Violation: setting a bower over a 6-dunum field.

Location: Khallit um al Fahem in al Khader, Bethlehem.

Date: September 21, 2012.

Perpetrators: colonists of Ezyon.

Victims: the heirs of Ali Salah.




On September 21, 2012, a group of colonists captured a Palestinian agricultural field, property of the heirs of Ali Salah in al Khader. The colonists set a bower in the field and used it to celebrate a Jewish holiday. The purpose was provocation and the expansion of the nearby colonies of Eliazer and Ezyon. The land was confiscated 10 years earlier and it is edged by confiscated lands which has been used for chicken farms.


Amena Salah, one of the owners said: ‘the colonists were there whenever we worked in the land; they would come and stare and sometimes attack; such aggressions have been going for years‘. 


The plot is not cultivated these days due to the colonists continuous aggressions. It is worthy to mention that the colonists decided to capture these lands without reference to the Israeli unjust laws; in short, in an arbitrary manner.


Al Khader is struggling with one of the largest capture campaigns as demolition and confiscation orders are being served in tens and colonists have been capturing lands and building on those lands freely while enjoying the blessing and protection of the Israeli Occupation Army.




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